Stylish Small Office With Light Lime Green Wall Paint

There's a large white desk and a black rolling chair on top of a circular green rug right in the center of this stylish small office with light lime green wall paint. Along one wall, there's a bookshelf in a dark brown wooden finish. It also has some drawers and cabinets. Along the opposite wall, there's a white cupboard which can be used for extra storage. There's an extra chair in one corner which can be used in case you're meeting clients or working with someone. There are also three stools along one wall which can be used for placing things or sitting. Two of the walls are painted a light lime green which gives this room plenty of personality, along with an urban landscape on one wall and a wire sculpture in one corner. There are also two windows which will ensure that the room gets plenty of light.

149 sq ft
14 m2
1 Level

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