Rectangular Farmhouse Bathroom Style Design

Dark wooden finishes and black-and white wooden flooring give this rectangular farmhouse bathroom style design a sophisticated feel. You enter the bathroom through a dark brown wooden door. To the left is a storage cabinet in a dark and medium brown wood finish. After that, there's a white sink and mirror, with a medicine cabinet behind it. The base of the sink is also wooden, with a dark brown finish. Ahead of that is the toilet which has a dark brown wood cover. And at the end of the bathroom is a shower, divided from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition. The floor under the shower consists of brown wooden slats which prevent you from slipping. The shower window is walled up with bricks, which adds to the warm feel of the bathroom. Overall, this is a small but convenient bathroom.

Made by
Andrea Platzer
73 sq ft
7 m2
1 Level

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