Craftsman Style Bathroom Rectangular Shape

This rectangular full bathroom design stands out for its craftsman style and generous counter space. The floor plan entrance features a swing door in the center of one wall. Since it’s important to consider the view as guests open the bathroom door, this layout orients the sightline towards the stunning vanity sink unit along one wall. A toilet and bathtub (with an option for a shower fixture) complete the main bathroom elements. The decor features wood touches and a rich nature-inspired color scheme of mostly browns and greens, typical of craftsman style. Hand-made tiles are another key craftsman element, and the emerald green subway tiles on one wall make a great statement. Large format gray tiles on the floor provide a nice contrast. Wood features include the trim work around the mirror, the ladder towel rack, the toilet cover, and the waterproof engineered wood paneling along the side of the bathtub. Gold fixtures and faucets bring a rich, natural feel to the decor.

46 sq ft
4 m2
1 Level

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