Small Rectangular Bathroom Layout

Check out this small ¾ bathroom with a rectangular layout. For the floor plan’s entrance door, you have several options for the door swing. At its current location on the short side of the rectangle, install it to swing outward or inward depending on the layout of the rest of your home. Or, mount the door on the long side of the rectangle, opening against the shorter wall near the sink. The fixture layout features a standard, cost-efficient “3 in a row” style with the sink, toilet, and showerhead on one wall. A shallow vanity is a good choice due to the narrow footprint; this one is a floating style and includes convenient storage drawers. Combined with a smaller floating toilet and a glass partition leading into a walk-in shower, this bathroom feels spacious and a breeze to clean. The decor includes an engineered wood floor (chosen for its water resistance), wood shades, marble walls, and slip-resistant mosaic tile in the shower. A glass shelf above the toilet is perfect for a plant, candle, or other decorative accessories.

43 sq ft
4 m2
1 Level

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