Beautiful and Intimate Restaurant Layout

There are different types of seating in this beautiful and intimate restaurant layout, in order to give customers a choice about where they can sit. For those who prefer plush seating, there are three corner booths which can seat up to four people, with two extra chairs. For those having an intimate, romantic dinner, there are seven small tables for two. For larger parties, there are five tables that can seat four-five people and two tables for six people each. In the back, there are three long tables which can seat six, ten and twelve people each. These are great for really large parties. Additionally, there's a piano in this area so that guests can have live entertainment. There's also a kitchen, a storage room and a cooler in the back. Near the entrance, there's a reception area from where the maƮtre d' can conduct people to their seats.

Made by
Franziska Voigt
2955 sq ft
274 m2
1 Level

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