Organic Site Plan With Pergola

The back door opens into an outdoor space in this organic site plan with pergola. This space is roughly the shape of a quarter circle, with a fence around it. You step out into a gravel path which expands into a larger graveled area with a coffee table and five armchairs. To the right is a wooden deck with a pergola. Under the pergola, you can create another seating area with two lounge chairs and a coffee table. Ahead of this seating area, there is a grill where you can do some outdoor cooking. All along the edge of the site plan, there are shrubs which give you the feeling of being surrounded by greenery. For sunny days, you can also keep a large folding umbrella which will give you some much-needed shade. Overall, this is a pretty, functional outdoor space where you can spend time with friends and family.

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Site Plans
732 sq ft
68 m2
1 Level

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