Open Floor Plan Kitchen Living Room

In an open floor plan, you can use the same space for many purposes without dividing it up. In this open floor plan kitchen living room, you can combine a kitchen, a dining area, and a living area in one roughly L-shaped space. At one end, you have a kitchen with plenty of counter space, a cooking range, a wall-mounted chimney, a sink, and storage cabinets. There's also an island with seating for four people. Across from the kitchen is the dining area which can seat up to eight people. Adjoining the dining area is the living area where you can place an L-shaped couch and a loveseat. There's a coffee table in the center and a TV mounted on one wall. There are also a couple of benches and end tables in the dining/living area which can be used to place knick knacks or store items.

Made by
Marsh & Co
678 sq ft
63 m2
1 Level

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