Home Gym With Bathroom and Sauna

This is it if you need inspiration for a home gym with bathroom and sauna. This spacious home gym speaks of luxury. The gym features a bathroom and a wooden sauna, perfect for post-workout detox. The sauna has an elegant glass wall that looks out onto the gym. The toilet section has a bathroom sink cabinet, a mirror, and a glass wall separating the bathroom. The dark maroon walls blend well with the dark equipment and floor bracing. Wide mirrors on either side reflect light around the room, giving a double-space illusion and allowing trainers to check their form. The gym features a bench press, an aerobic step, a yoga mat, a stability ball, and foam rollers on one end. There is a functional trainer with a leg press machine, an abdominal bench, a calf press, and a lateral pull-down machine. There's also a plant to add color and texture.

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380 sq ft
35 m2
1 Level

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