Discreet Kitchen With Large Island

There are many ways in which one long space can be divided up for different purposes. In this discreet kitchen with large island, the space is neatly separated into a kitchen, a living area and a dining area. A long counter with a range and sink on one side and a large island on the other make this kitchen spacious and a joy to work in. By arranging stools on one side of the island, you can create a casual eat-in kitchen, perfect for those times when you're in a rush. But on the other side of the space, you can also have a proper dining area with a table that seats six. There's also room for a large, L-shaped sofa, coffee table and entertainment center. Overall, this is a gorgeous, well-lit space which is perfect for cooking, eating and relaxing.

Made by
Marsh & Co
625 sq ft
58 m2
1 Level

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