Narrow Galley Kitchen With Breakfast Nook

If all you have is a T-shaped corridor in which you'd like to fit a kitchen, then this narrow galley kitchen with breakfast nook may be right for you. Like most galley kitchens, it has counters on both sides which gives you all the counter space you might need to create a work of art in the kitchen. There are overhead and base cabinets on both sides of the kitchen which will give you plenty of storage space. There's also a cooking range on one side and a sink and refrigerator on the other. At one corner, there's some very comfortable seating arranged in a U-shape with a coffee table in front of it. You can eat your breakfast or a snack here. It's also great for just lounging and reading a book while looking out the window. Overall, this is a cozy and cheerful space.

164 sq ft
15 m2
1 Level

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