Twin Bedroom Idea

Designing a shared bedroom that your twins will adore is easier than you might think with this refreshing twin bedroom idea. Balancing modern, traditional, and industrial features, the aesthetic and atmosphere of the space is sure to please both girls and boys of virtually any age. The exposed brick walls are as homey as they are stylish while the soft green walls and light wood flooring are a lovely foundation for a wide range of accessories and d├ęcor. Along with two windows on either side of the room, an additional window breaks the room in half with a cozy reading nook encompassing it and providing much-needed storage solutions. Although the space is split into two sections with a bed, desk, and chair on either side, the room as a whole feels cohesive and balanced. A large walk-in closet provides plenty of room to store their clothing and move about comfortably.

238 sq ft
22 m2
1 Level

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