Nursery Floor Plan

Although this nursery floor plan is only 153 square feet, it has a spacious look. There's a wooden crib with a baby carrier and a diaper pail on one side. Next to this, there's a comfortable armchair where mom can relax as she feeds the baby. There's also a small coffee table and an ottoman next to the armchair. There's a large white chest of drawers with a mirror above it against one wall and a shelving unit on another wall. A beige rug with a green pattern covers most of the floor, while cream curtains with a blue and green print hang on the window. A floor lamp provides soft, diffuse light, while a set of three pieces of artwork featuring flowers adds to the natural theme of the room. Overall, there's a sense of tranquillity and serenity in this nursery floor plan.

153 sq ft
14 m2
1 Level

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