Traditional Powder Room Design

Lots to love in this traditional powder room design. The floor plan includes an entry door with an inwards swing, the recommended choice for privacy, odor control, and ensuring a hallway isn’t blocked when the door is open. The neutral color palette features white walls, curtains, and bathroom fixtures with subtle silver faucets and controls that blend in. The pedestal sink, towel hook, and toilet are installed along one long wall, which features a wainscotted bump-out section that creates a convenient shelf. The shelf is a perfect location for soap, lotion, and decor elements such as a plant or flowers. Wide-panel oak engineered wood flooring brings warmth and a natural feel to the room, and a round mirror and 2 vertical wall scones provide visual interest. Consider adding a floor mat in a neutral color to complete the design.

30 sq ft
3 m2
1 Level

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