2 Bedroom Apartment Plan Examples

A 2 bedroom apartment is a useful configuration as it allows a second bedroom for guests, an office, or a bedroom for a roommate. Two bedroom apartments usually range in size from 600 - 1000 sq ft (about 55 - 95 m2) and can be 1 story or 2 stories. You may find 2 bedroom apartment plans in an apartment complex, a townhouse or condo building, or a duplex. They are popular with couples, roommates, or as a starter residence for a small family.

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Small 2 Bedroom Plans

A smaller 2 bedroom floor plan will typically consist of 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom in a 1 story configuration. The single bathroom will usually be accessed from a hallway outside of either bedroom, allowing anyone to access the bathroom without going through a bedroom. This type of layout is excellent for 2 roommates - each has their own bedroom plus equal access to the separate bathroom. Bedroom size is another consideration for roommates. Ideally, the 2 bedrooms are close to equal in size so that each roommate has adequate space. It’s also a good idea to check out the amount of storage. With 2 roommates, it’s nice to have a coat closet, linen closet, and generous storage in the bedrooms.

Midsize 2 Bedroom Plans

A mid-size 2 bedroom layout may contain 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. You’ll find this type of apartment in 1 story or 2 story options. The 2 story configuration usually consists of a ½ bathroom, living room, and kitchen downstairs. Then the 2 bedrooms and a separate full bathroom are upstairs. If the apartment is in a 1 story layout, you’ll find a ½ bath near the living room and kitchen, plus a full bath located near the bedrooms. An extra ½ bathroom is definitely nice to have, either for guests or for additional flexibility when someone is using the full bathroom.

Large 2 Bedroom Plans

A larger 2 bedroom apartment plan, in the 1000 sq ft (93 m2) size range, can contain 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This layout allows for a primary or master bedroom with an attached full bathroom. Usually, the second bedroom will not have an attached bathroom. Instead, the second full bathroom can be accessed from a hallway, so dinner guests can use it without walking through a bedroom. This type of layout is great for a couple who prefers an ensuite bathroom. Then the second bedroom can be an office, guest room, or children’s room.

The most extensive 2 bedroom layout may have 2.5 bathrooms. For a 2 story layout, this allows for a ½ bath downstairs with the kitchen and living room. Then the 2 primary bedrooms are upstairs, each with an ensuite bathroom. On a single-story layout, the ½ bathroom is located adjacent to the living room and kitchen, providing easy access for guests. This type of 2 bedroom layout is usually the most deluxe. It will often include walk-in closets for the bedroom, upgraded bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen.

No matter your situation, there’s likely a 2 bedroom apartment floor plan to suit your unique needs.
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