10 Spring Decorating Ideas to Inspire Your Home

10 Spring Decorating Ideas to Inspire Your Home

Spring is here! Freshen up your home decor with these top 10 spring decorating ideas. Welcome the season and find home design ideas to inspire your next home decorating project.

1. Let Nature In

Bring the outside in with leaf prints. Create an accent wall with a bold leaf print wallpaper or add a subtle leaf pattern to the whole room with wallpaper or stencil. Accessorize the room with leaf print pillows, wall prints, and leafy green plants, such as ferns or palms, to complete the look.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Living room design with leaf print wallpaper and home decorBring the outdoors in with leaf prints and patterns inspired by nature

Spring Decorating Ideas: Green and white room design with palm leaf wallpaperTry a bold palm leaf print wallpaper to create a room design that feels like it’s outdoors

2. Fantastic Florals

Nothing feels more like spring than floral patterns. Give a neutral room a fresh update with a mix of floral patterned accessories. Mix and match the colors and patterns to create an eclectic look. Add a mirror or rug with a garden trellis design. Then accessorize with a tea tray and cut flowers arranged in pitchers, teapots, and teacups to add English charm.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Living room with floral and trellis pattern home decorCreate a garden themed room with floral print fabrics and trellis patterned home decor

3. White Painted Beadboard

Create a crisp tailored look with white painted beadboard. Beadboard dresses up a room, adding both texture and interest to the walls. It is easy to install and gives any room a timeless appeal. Add a wainscot or extend it all the way to the ceiling.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Traditional powder room design with white beadboard wainscotDress up any room design with beadboard painted in a crisp white

4. Sun Rise, Sun Set

Add the colors of dusk and dawn to your home by combining warm pink and soft sky blue. Inspired by nature, the Pantone Color Institute named this combination “colors of the year”. Use them together or separately to inspire peace, balance, and tranquility in your home.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Bedroom design with pink and blue walls and home decorCombine warm pink and tranquil blue to create a sunrise inspired bedroom design
Wall colors: Pantone Rose Quartz and Serenity

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5. Lovely Lavender

When it comes to decorating with pastel colors don’t overlook lavender. Lavender is a sophisticated neutral that works beautifully with other colors. This makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms. Pair it with other pastels or neutral colors such as grey and ivory for a soft look. Then add a bright accent color such as gold, chartreuse, or teal for a pop of color.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Bedroom design with lavender walls and wallpaperTry a sophisticated neutral like lavender to create a restful bedroom design

6. Classic Combo

Give a classic color combination a modern twist by combining pink with chartreuse green. Chartreuse is the color of budding leaves and flower bulbs just waiting to open. When used with pink it evokes the colors of cherry blossoms in spring. It’s the perfect way to give pink a fresh new look.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Modern living room with chartreuse green sofa and pink wallsMake a classic color combination like pink and green modern with chartreuse green

7. Make It Mint

Mint green is back and completely modern. Add this soothing pastel color to your home with decorative accessories, as a wall color, or even on your kitchen cabinets. Pair it with white painted floors, marble accents, and natural birch wood for a fresh modern look.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Modern kitchen design with mint green cabinetsAdd subtle color and interest in a kitchen with mint green cabinets and white marble

8. Soft Neutrals

Say goodbye to dark rooms. Instead, create a room that’s ready to let the sunshine in with soft neutral shades of white, ivory, and cream. Mix in accessories in soft blue tones to add a tranquil and inviting feeling.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Traditional living room design with light colors in white, ivory and beigeMix and match light neutral colors to create a soft and inviting living room design

9. Go Organic

Create an organic-inspired interior with natural finishes. Combine light colored woods with earth-tone stone textures on the walls and floors. Add natural wood furnishings and upholstery in linen and cotton made with environmentally-friendly materials, such as natural latex foam. Then, add sculptural details with lighting, accessories and plants with organic shapes.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Organic living room design with wood and stone walls and floorsCreate an organic-inspired living room design with natural wood and stone finishes

10. White on White

Maximize the natural light in your home with a white on white color scheme. The color white reflects light very effectively, making rooms feel lighter and brighter. No wonder the leading paint company Benjamin Moore declared Simply White (OC-117) to be its paint color of the year.

Spring Decorating Ideas: All white room design and furnishingsGo all-white on your floors, walls and ceilings to create a bright and light room design

Get Started on Your Home Design

These spring decorating ideas were created using the RoomSketcher App. The RoomSketcher App is a fantastic and easy-to-use floor plan and home design software that you can use to design your home online. Simply draw your floor plan, furnish and decorate it, and see your design in 3D – it’s that easy!

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