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3D Snapshots

Use 3D Snapshots to quickly and easily visualize your home design. Just point the camera, click and see your room in 3D!

RoomSketcher Snapshot Organic Living Room

Low-Resolution Rendering for Instant 3D

With RoomSketcher, you get a fast way to instantly view your design in 3D. Preview your home designs in 3D as you draw your floor plan. Take Snapshots of your ideas and instantly visualize them. 3D Snapshots provide low-resolution rendering for instant results.

RoomSketcher Preview Your Design With Snapshots

Easy to Get Your Perfect Viewpoint

Use the camera in the app to easily snap a virtual photo. Move the camera around, set your perspective and find the perfect angle. Just point and click to easily view any part of your home design in 3D.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Design Snapshot

Instantly Visualize Your Design Ideas

With 3D Snapshots you get a “snappy” way of visualizing your home design - no waiting or down-time. Work in easy-to-understand 2D, and visualize your ideas instantly in 3D. Fast, efficient and great for collaborating with clients.

Snapshot to 3D Image living room

Convert to Stunning High-Res Images in One Click

Transform your favorite Snapshots into stunning 3D Photos and panoramic 360 Views, with just one click.

With high-resolution images you get impressive visualization of your home design ideas or real estate properties. Perfect for creating client portfolios, showcasing projects on your website, sharing on social media and more.

Get Instant 3D Visualization

Low-res rendering allows you to quickly compare home design ideas.

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