Small Single Wall Kitchen

This small single-wall kitchen plan arranges appliances, counters, and cabinetry along one wall. The remaining three sides of the kitchen are accessible from the interior. With a sizable kitchen island, you may create a contemporary, open area that enables the cook(s) to engage with guests. The countertop is about 8 feet long in a one-wall form; otherwise, there wouldn't be enough area to accommodate those significant services if the counter had been any lower. Because of the layout's small dimensions, the sequencing of the work services is less crucial compared to other designs. It includes portable kitchen islands or carts, which avails an extra countertop room for meal preparation. They resemble galley kitchens, the two rows of cabinets and counters divided by one aisle. This design is popular in modest houses, studio flats, condos, lofts, and auxiliary living complexes.

89 sq ft
8 m2
1 Level

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