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Barndominium Floor Plans

A barndominium is a living space inspired by the open, rustic feel of a barn. The word “barndominium” stems from a combination of the words “barn” and “condominium”. A recent building trend, barndominiums (or barndos) are low-cost, typically metal, buildings that often come as kits. Popular in rural settings as well as cities, a barndo can be a living space, study, workshop, large garage, guest house, or some combination of those. Despite their barn or warehouse roots, barndominiums can be comfortable and downright stylish.

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Features and Benefits

  • Low cost. Depending on the features you add, barndominiums can cost half as much (per sq ft or sq meter) as a traditional home. Many barndos are sold as easy-to-assemble kits, consisting of a steel exterior, which is durable, cost-effective, and quick to assemble. Thus, you benefit from lower material and labor costs. Note that while steel is the most common choice for material, you’ll also find barndominiums built from timber or brick.
  • Quick to build. While building a traditional home can take months, a steel barndominium can be installed in just days or weeks. Much of the prefabrication of a barndominium is done at the factory. You receive ready to assemble pieces, which you can DIY, or hire a contracting company to build. The metal siding and roof are designed to be quick and easy to construct.
  • Rustic, barn-style exterior. Barndominiums have a rustic look, similar to the popular farmhouse style. Some of the main exterior features include a high, sloping roof and barn-style windows and doors. Most barndos have a simple rectangle or square footprint, similar to a warehouse. Barndo exteriors can benefit from a shaded area or even a complete wraparound porch, which adds functionality and interest to the exterior.
  • Low maintenance. Because most barndos have an extremely hardy metal exterior and roof, there is less need for exterior repairs. For example, you won’t need to paint as often and will have fewer roof repairs.
  • Energy-efficient. Barndominiums can lower your utility costs, some say by ½, over a traditional home. Effective spray foam insulation is often installed between the exterior and interior walls to regulate heating and cooling. Additionally, energy-efficient windows are a common add-on.
  • Low maintenance. Because most barndos have an extremely hardy metal exterior and roof, there is less need for exterior repairs. For example, you won’t need to paint as often and will have fewer roof repairs.

Typical Layouts

Depending on your particular needs, there’s a barndominium floor plan for you.

  • With Garage or RV Storage. The need for extra living space plus extra vehicle storage (RV, boat, tractor, motorcycle, etc.) is one reason people start looking at barndominiums. Thus, many barndo floor plans include a large or long garage space adjacent to a living area.
  • Workshop or Hobby Area. Hobbyists are often looking to add a workshop plus some extra living space away from the main house, and a barndo is perfect for this type of layout.
  • Standard Home or Guest House. Families may be looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance home complete with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Endless Options. You can configure a barndo as a work or meeting space, pool house, music studio, game room, and so much more. A barndominium is a large shell or warehouse that you can size and configure just as you like. Take a look at our templates and then have fun customizing them to create your dream barndominium space.
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5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan
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