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New Dressers Available Now

Download the latest version of the RoomSketcher App and unlock more than 60 new dressers. From dressers with doors, drawers, or both, all available with our Replace Materials feature.

Dressers with replace materials
Sarah Bolstad

Drawer-style Dressers

We're excited to introduce our new line of drawer-style dressers, available in various sizes and styles to suit any room. Not only do these dressers provide functional storage solutions, but they also add style to your home, blending seamlessly with any decor. Thanks to our innovative Replace Materials feature, you can customize these dressers to perfectly match your interior design vision.

Drawer-Style dressers with Replace Materials

Dressers with Drawers and Doors

Designed to meet diverse organizational needs, these multifunctional dressers offer ample storage for everything from clothes to accessories, helping keep your space clutter-free and stylish. The ability to mix and match drawers and doors makes these dressers practical and a dynamic focal point in any room. With our unique Replace Materials feature, you can personalize each piece for flawless integration with your existing decor.

Dressers with drawers and doors

How to Get the New Dressers

All subscribers can access our new dressers, but you need a Pro or Team subscription to use the Replace Materials feature. So, if you haven't already, upgrade your subscription now.

Then, download the updated furniture library via the pop-up in your app. If you're new, download the app to your device to begin.

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