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Download RoomSketcher App

5 Reasons to Download the Newest RoomSketcher App

Have you updated your RoomSketcher App recently? Well, now is a great time because we just released one of our most exciting updates so far!

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RoomSketcher Live 3D

Live 3D Just Got Instant

This update will speed up your design activities, help you collaborate with others, and improve your marketing!

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Vanity lights bathroom

Design the Perfect Bathroom With Our Updated Library

We just released lots of exciting new bathroom items. Plus, you can now change colors and materials on all our bathroom accessories. Take a look!

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Web editor

Web Editor: It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Coming up in December 2020, it’s goodbye to Flash. Which means it’s time to say goodbye to RoomSketcher’s Web Editor as well! No worries though as we’ve got you covered…

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RoomSketcher MSpecs

RoomSketcher Partners with Mspecs

RoomSketcher is gaining traction in the Swedish market and we are proud to announce our new partnership with the Mspecs Realtor System. Find out more about our partnership…

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Server 7.01

New Features: Floor Plan Reports and Attach Images to Your Corrections

Just out – brand new floor plan report available right from Web Account. Plus, now you can attach images to your corrections.

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RoomSketcher feature

Room Name Drop-Down List and More

An updated RoomSketcher App is available! Check out our favorite new features, and make sure to download the updated app now.

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Bathroom cabinet colors

Big Bathroom Product Update

Get ready for the biggest bathroom product update ever! For more than two years, we’ve been hard at work, updating our bathroom product selection. Now we’re making more than 400 new products available to you.

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RoomSketcher Vitec

RoomSketcher Partners with Vitec

Now Vitec customers in Sweden can order floor plans from RoomSketcher directly from the Express Mäklarsystem (Realtor System) – Learn more!

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rainbow kitchen

Your Kitchen Dreams Have Come True!

We are excited to announce a major update to RoomSketcher’s kitchen selection.

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3d floor plan

Floor Plan Generation Just Got Faster

If you work with multi-level projects – now you can save time and generate all of a project’s 2D and 3D Floor Plans plans at once!

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woman on laptop saving time

Save time with our latest software update

The RoomSketcher Team is always pushing to give you the best floor plan software out there.

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curved walls

More opportunities with RoomSketchers latest update

Yes, we listen to your input! Every day our Support team notes down your wishes.

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RoomSketcher Web Account

Updated RoomSketcher Web Account

Cool Project Presentations and more in the updated RoomSketcher Web Account!

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RoomSketcher 3D photos

RoomSketcher Home Designer is Changing Name

RoomSketcher Home Designer is rebranding! RoomSketcher is more than just a home designer software – learn more about what you can use RoomSketcher for.

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RoomSketcher New Gym Equipment in Home Design Floor Plan App

New Gym Equipment

Plan and design gym projects with tons of new gym equipment. See what’s new and learn how to use RoomSketcher as your gym planner today!

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Home Designer – now as an app

RoomSketcher – now as an App!

Introducing the all-new RoomSketcher app that you can download and install on your Mac or Windows computer and on your iOS or Android tablet. Download the app now!

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RoomSketcher new website

Our New Website is LIVE

We’ve updated our website. See our new look and try out RoomSketcher Home Designer, our easy-to-use floor plan and home design app today.

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RoomSketcher Home Designer – New Office Furnishings

New Office Furnishings

There’s new office furniture in our product library! Now, it’s even easier to create office designs and workspaces with RoomSketcher. Check it out!

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Decorate with Letters

Decorate with Letters

We’ve added letters! Create murals, signage, and more in your design projects with letters. Try different layouts, sizes, and colors to find the perfect look – before you buy.

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Introducing High Res 3D Photos and 360 Views

Introducing High-Res 3D Photos & 360 Views

Introducing our all new print-quality 3D Photos and RoomSketcher 360, our new panoramic viewer! Check out these fantastic ways to view and showcase your projects in 3D.

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RoomSketcher Home Designer – New furniture and finishes

Great New Furniture and Finishes

You’re going to love the new furniture and finishes that we’ve added to RoomSketcher Home Designer. See what’s new!

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RoomSketcher Floor plan

Awesome Update to Home Designer

Check out the awesome new features we’ve added to RoomSketcher Home Designer. Now it’s even easier to draw a floor plan!

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Home designer tablet app

Home Designer tablet app – New Features

We’ve added exciting new features to the RoomSketcher Home Designer tablet app – check it out!

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Kitchen design updates

New Kitchen Design Updates

Check out the latest kitchen design updates to the RoomSketcher App. New kitchen appliances and finishes. Creating kitchen designs just got more fun!

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RoomSketcher on tablet

RoomSketcher Home Designer on Tablet

RoomSketcher Home Designer released on tablet – a unique application that will change the way people produce and interact with floor plans and home designs

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Exciting New Home Designer Updates!

Exciting things are happening at RoomSketcher! Check out the latest Home Designer updates including new features, new finishes, new 3D furniture and more!

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RoomSketcher Customizable doors

Enter – Our New Doors!

Now there are new doors to match your windows in RoomSketcher. We’ve updated the door library and made them customizable too – check it out!

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RoomSketcher Home Design Software Visualize Stair Designs Online

Stairs, stairs and more stairs!

Making stair designs in RoomSketcher just got easier! We’ve added new stair types and made them customizable too. Visualize your stair designs online.

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RoomSketcher News - New Window Update

RoomSketcher News – New Window Update

Ready for new windows in RoomSketcher? We’ve updated the whole window library – check it out!

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