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On Trend: Boho-Chic Bathroom Style

Inspired by nature and artistic maximalism, this design trend delivers a fresh, unconventional, and effortless look. After a long day, a welcoming boho-chic bathroom provides a relaxing retreat reminiscent of the late 60s.

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Boho-chic bathroom style
Pooja Pillai

If you are considering a redo of your bathroom, how about a free-spirited, boho-chic bathroom style? Read on as we look at some boho-chic bathroom ideas to encourage you to get creative and embrace this global trend.

What Is a Boho-Chic Bathroom?

The best part about the boho-chic bathroom style is the lack of fixed rules. Mix and match elements and textures from around the world to create a relaxed, fun, and unusual space. This article provides our top tips for bringing the boho-chic style into your bathroom.

Boho-chic bathroom with pink tiles

Hallmarks of Bohemian Style

Subscribing to the design sensibility of “more is more” is a hallmark of boho style. Whimsical and floral prints are a bohemian favorite, along with earthy accents, feathers, straw, and other natural elements. Remember, there is no need for perfectionism or matching decor items in this design trend.

Bohemian bathroom style

Play around with different materials, colors, shapes, and patterns until the look feels right. And get that lived-in feel by choosing vintage or pre-loved furniture and accessories.

Top RoomSketcher Tip

If you are on a tight budget, make the best of what is on hand to create a unique yet comfortable, bohemian atmosphere. Handmade or found decor can make a significant impact. For instance, create wall art from organic jute or rattan. Or, collect driftwood, shells, or other pieces of nature to use as unique decorative accessories.

Natural Boho Colors

Channel your inner gypsy and go boho using subtle natural colors with touches of pastel across your bathroom space. One option is to go for an all-white or cream-colored bathroom and bring in color using pink or peach accessories, plus some green plants.

Boho-chic bathroom interior idea large window

If you are a nature lover, add some light browns in the form of a wood floor, accent wall, or vanity to bring in an earthy vibe. Again, add some green with several plants or succulents.

As far as fixtures, gold faucets and drawer pulls go well with boho style. So do matte black and silver, let the fixtures blend in so that other elements of the design can stand out.

Be mindful that too many colors can result in overload. To counter this, combine patterns or white space with the chosen colors. This is key to delivering design balance and building a harmonious visual space.


Curate Boho-Chic Furniture

If you have ever dreamt about having a long soak in your very own vintage clawfoot bathtub with a driftwood bath caddy, this is your chance to make it part of your boho bathroom reality.

Reclaimed furniture is one of the hallmarks of boho style. Look for wood furniture that you can repurpose as a vanity or storage cabinets to bring poetry to the space.

If you already have a vanity you like, you could add one or more wood stools or benches next to the tub to use for soaps, shampoos, or to hold a towel. Install floating shelves or a wide-step ladder to offer extra storage space without taking up more bathroom area.

Vintage mirror frames and round mirrors are common elements in boho decor, as are vintage paintings or posters.

Hoho Bathroom design organic shapes

The charm of boho-chic decor is all about offering an eclectic mix of styles. So, you could combine hammered metal fixtures and a tree stump table, along with a modern built-in basin and a sophisticated shower head to complete the look.

Accessorize for a Boho-Chic Effect

Accessories and favorite long-held trinkets are things that really add to the boho character of your bathroom. For example, you could group antique perfume bottles on a tray. Or, on a shelf, showcase a collection of jewelry, found items from nature, or candles of varying heights and shapes.

Boho-chic bathroom with double vanity

Baskets woven from natural fibers such as seagrass, rattan, raffia, and wicker are a popular option in boho-style bathrooms. You can use baskets for storage or attach decorative baskets to walls. Macramé, either as interesting wall art or as hangers for plants, adds texture and style.

Plants are a key feature of boho-chic settings. So, include tufts of pampas grass in roughly finished vases along with lots of green plants to give your bathroom a jungle feel. Hanging vines, bamboo, and ferns are perfect for a bathroom’s humid environment.

At the same time, these plants play an essential role in providing fresh air and removing air pollutants that cause allergies. Terrariums and vertical gardens are also perfectly suited to give your bathroom space a dreamy, mystical vibe.

Bohemian bathroom design with freestanding concrete bathrub

Ethnic Moroccan carpets can add a touch of color and subtle texture to the floor. Or, faux fur mats can deliver a glam boho look.

Finally, make sure you feature decor items you love, and that reflect your personality.

Visualize Your Boho Bathroom Today

The boho-chic decor remains fashionable because it is trend-independent and unique to each homeowner’s personality.

All of the photos in this article were created in the RoomSketcher App. With RoomSketcher, every user can access the RoomSketcher App and take snapshots for free, so you can start planning your Boho-Chic bathroom straight away. Are you ready to create a timeless boho-chic bathroom?

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