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Complete Guide to Popular Bathroom Styles

Are you considering a bathroom remodel but you’re not quite sure what style to go for? Look no further, we have put together a comprehensive guide of various bathroom styles covering every style from modern to eclectic.

Trine Bretteville

Read on to get inspiration, discover must-have elements for all the bathroom styles, and maybe the creative nudge you need to get started on the bathroom of your dreams.

Popular Bathroom Styles With Photos

  1. Contemporary bathroom style
  2. Traditional bathroom style
  3. Transitional bathroom style
  4. Industrial bathroom style
  5. Scandinavian bathroom style
  6. Modern bathroom style
  7. Beach bathroom style
  8. Boho-Chic bathroom style
  9. Mediterranean bathroom style
  10. Tropical bathroom style
  11. Zen bathroom style
  12. Eclectic bathroom style
  13. Mid-Century bathroom style
  14. Rustic bathroom style
  15.  Farmhouse bathroom style
  16. Victorian bathroom style
  17. Shabby-Chic bathroom style
  18. Southwestern bathroom style
  19. Craftsman bathroom style

Contemporary Bathroom Style

A contemporary style bathroom must include the newest technology and trends. The color scheme varies from sophisticated neutrals to high-contrast color combinations such as black and white. To achieve the look of a contemporary bathroom, use furniture and vanities that create straight lines and finish it off with high-quality pulls and doorknobs.

Key elements of a contemporary style bathroom:

Contemporary bathroom style grey tiles

Traditional Bathroom Style

The traditional bathroom style is elegant and classic. It is crucial to invest in top-quality materials and finishes. Dress the walls with gorgeous moulding or decorative wallpaper, and antique-style lighting fixtures. To really pull off a traditional style bathroom, make sure to include a dressing table.

Key elements of a traditional style bathroom:

Traditional bathroom style green color

Transitional Bathroom Style

The transitional style is a harmonious combination of traditional and contemporary styles, not leaning too far in either direction. Mix the clean lines of a contemporary bathroom together with the warmth and elegance of the traditional style.

Key elements of a transitional style bathroom:

Transitional bathroom style design freestanding bathtub

Industrial Bathroom Style

An industrial-style bathroom is raw in its use of materials and accessories. Don’t be afraid of exposed pipes and ceilings, they are a must. Materials such as steel, brick, and concrete are great choices for industrial bathroom design.

Key elements of an industrial style bathroom:

Industrial bathroom style

Scandinavian Bathroom Style

The Scandinavian style is known for its laid-back, simple aesthetic. Use a neutral color palette and focus on horizontal lines. Keep towels and personal accents in baskets or on a wooden stool. The Scandinavian design includes a sense of utility with an elegant twist.

Key elements of a Scandinavian style bathroom:

Scandinavian bathroom style aqua accent wall

Modern Bathroom Style

It is common to confuse modern style with contemporary style. We are here to help you distinguish the difference.

While contemporary bathroom style refers to the new, the here and now, the modern bathroom style is from an era that has passed. Ranging from the early to mid-1900s.

Key elements of a modern style bathroom:

Modern bathroom style

Beach Bathroom Style

Bring in bright beachy colors and add natural materials to create a beach bathroom style. Add details such as shutters, shiplap, and weaved pendants. Now all you need is a spacious shower complemented with some fringed linen towels and your beach bathroom is complete.

Key elements of a beach style bathroom:

Beach bathroom style design

Boho-Chic Bathroom Style

The boho-chic style may be the ultimate trend right now. Mix the use of natural colors, complemented by earthy accents and you’ve got yourself a winner. Decorate with interesting items that you have collected from your travels around the world. Embrace the carefree and add plenty of plants and textures.

Key elements of a boho-chic style bathroom:

Boho-chic bathroom style

Mediterranean Bathroom Style

The exotic Mediterranean bathroom style can be achieved with the use of intricate tile patterns and statement mirrors. It should be elegant and earthy. Use rich warm hues together with various wood types and burnished metals.

Key elements of a Mediterranean style bathroom:

Mediterranean bathroom style blue tiles

Tropical Bathroom Style

Nothing gives you the feeling of being on holiday like a tropical bathroom design. Include a lot of green plants and add luscious wallpaper patterns. Let in plenty of light to create an airy and relaxed feeling. Now all you need is a gorgeous waterfall shower.

Key elements of a tropical style bathroom:

Tropical bathroom style with green tiles and plants

Zen Bathroom Style

Incorporate natural materials seamlessly into the design to create a zen-style bathroom. The color palette is neutral, black, white, brown, and beige. Accents like pebbles, sand, and water create a feeling of serenity.

Key elements of a Zen style bathroom:

Zen bathroom style design

Eclectic Bathroom Style

The eclectic style combines a variety of styles and unifies the look with well-thought-out colors, textures, and finishes. In an eclectic style bathroom, you will find carefully selected items effortlessly put together.

Key elements of an eclectic style bathroom:

Eclectic bathroom style dark walls

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Style

A mid-century bathroom style includes fun colors and kitschy details. Clean lines and geometric shapes are essential to get the right look. Incorporate minimal ornamentation and high functionality and you’ll get the timeless appeal of mid-century design.

Key elements of a mid-century modern style bathroom:

Mid century modern bathroom style

Rustic Bathroom Style

The rustic bathroom style really embraces the natural beauty of the outdoors. To get the rustic bathroom style, have a wooden or wood-look vanity and pair it with matching cabinets and details.

Lots of wood, hand-crafted at best, combined with other durable materials give the design that rugged, yet simplistic look. Depending on your style, you can lean more contemporary, or go in a more farmhouse or traditional direction.

Key elements of a rustic style bathroom:

Rustic bathroom style

Farmhouse Bathroom Style

To get a bathroom with a farmhouse style, combine a rural heritage, rustic look, and add sleek modern elements. A claw-foot tub and a shaker-style vanity are both features you will find in a farmhouse-style bathroom. This is definitely the bathroom style where you can go all-in on beautiful patterned tiles.

Key elements of a farmhouse style bathroom:

Farmhouse bathroom style

Victorian Bathroom Style

The victorian bathroom style is so much fun. You really get the chance to go over the top with gorgeous wallpapers and intricate accessories. Use jewel tones together with gold accents and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Key elements of a victorian style bathroom:

Victorian bathroom style design with blue wallpaper

Shabby-Chic Bathroom Style

When mixing roughness and softness together you get the shabby-chic style. Look for a vanity with distressed paint, then soften the design with lace window coverings and flowers. A shabby-chic style bathroom is where you have the opportunity to put many of your favorite pieces. It can be an eclectic collection of sentimental items, just make sure to stay within the romantic, pastel color scheme.

Key elements of a shabby-chic style bathroom:

Shabby-chic bathroom style

Southwestern Bathroom Style

A southwestern style bathroom brings in Native American and Spanish influences. Mix wood and raw materials, use colors that reflect the desert. Decorate your bathroom with handcrafted items such as baskets or rugs. To contrast with the earthy colors, bring in pops of bright yellow, green, and turquoise.

Key elements of a southwestern style bathroom:

Southwestern bathroom style

Craftsman Bathroom Style

Last on the list we have a craftsman-style bathroom. This is a style with a traditional feel, however, the use of darker wood and rich earth tones are more prominent. As the name of the style indicates, the effort should lie in beautifully crafted pieces. Handcrafted tiles, build-in vanities, and artful stained glass.

Key elements of a craftsman style bathroom:

Craftsmanship bathroom style

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