Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Style Ideas You’ll Love

Scandinavian bathroom style

We love the simplicity and beauty of a Scandinavian style bathroom. Its light colors and luminescent materials provide brightness and warmth for darker, cold climates. This clean and uncluttered style is versatile and creates a calm, spa-like atmosphere. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Scandinavian bathroom style continues to grow in popularity and is now a top choice for bathrooms worldwide.

The Scandinavian Bathroom Style

Would you like to transform your bathroom into a serene oasis to unwind in after a long day? Do clutter-free and visually calm spaces appeal to you? Then a Scandinavian inspired bathroom could be perfect for your remodel. Here are our top tips for creating your Scandinavian style bathroom.

  • Go for clean lines – Simple lines are essential to Scandinavian bathroom design.
  • Choose light-colored wood – Wood is one of the most iconic materials to incorporate into a Scandinavian style bathroom as it infuses warmth and a natural feel.
  • Opt for neutral colors – Shades of light grey, white, off-white, and beige are typical in Scandinavian bathroom design. If you like contrast, use black accessories, sparingly.
  • Maximize natural light – Scandinavian bathrooms are airy and bright, ideally with large windows or a skylight to bring natural light to the room.
  • Add succulents and greenery – Scandinavian bathrooms aren’t complete without a little bit of greenery, so include a couple of indoor plants or succulents.
  • Complete the look with a few personal accents – Make the room your own, but don’t go overboard! Scandinavian bathrooms are clean and minimal.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at how you can incorporate these elements into your bathroom.

Clean Lines

Straight, clean lines are among the key elements of Scandinavian bathrooms, alongside simple and casual aesthetics. From the vanity to the fixtures, to the lighting, you won’t see fussy curves or lots of detail.

Scandinavian bathroom style

Consider suspending your bathroom vanity and toilet from the wall to craft a feeling of space and an overall minimal ambiance. To keep the area feeling light and bright, choose marble or quartz countertops with minimal pattern and a simple edge. When choosing fixtures and cabinet hardware, the rule of thumb is to select items with clean lines rather than curvy and fussy designs. To complete the clean, tidy look, be sure to install enough storage to keep bathroom supplies out of sight.

Light Colored Wood

Wood is one of the primary materials found in Scandinavian bathroom styles. Choose a light stain, or you can paint it. As bathrooms are wet environments, make sure you choose a wood that can withstand humidity.


Wood is one of the oldest floor materials and remains one of the most desirable. Durable, renewable, and natural, hardwood flooring comes in a wide array of colors and grain patterns. Once you choose to go with hardwood flooring, you have lots of options to make it perfect for your bathroom – think about the grain type, edge detail, color, and finish. Typically, wide grain hardwood like maple, white oak, and birch flooring work well for Scandinavian bathroom styles.

Scandinavian bathroom style


Another way to add a Scandinavian feel to your bathroom is to use wood on the walls. Use planks in their natural state or stain them white for a clean and classic look. If you have a smaller room, or if installing wood on all the walls feels overwhelming, how about using it on one accent wall?

Vanity or furniture

If you prefer not to use wood on the floor or walls, a wooden vanity can bring in this key Scandinavian style element. A common choice is a suspended, clean-lined wood vanity. Another is to repurpose an existing wood cabinet to create a beautiful sink unit.

Scandinavian bathroom style

Neutral Color Scheme

You’ll often see white or neutral paint colors in Scandinavian style bathrooms. Another typical color palette combines shades of grey and white. The idea is to keep the space feeling calm and neutral, with the design interest coming from subtle tones and textures.

Scandinavian bathroom style

If you like a little more detail, you can choose a floor covering or backsplash tile with a subtle pattern.

For those that like contrast, accents in darker gray can make your Scandinavian bathroom look elegant and avant-garde. If you want to go ultra-chic, consider black hardware on the showerhead and other fixtures. To soften out this look, pair it with white or gray tiles and a touch of wood.

Scandinavian bathroom style

It’s important to remember the rule of thumb for this style is to let the neutral and natural colors dominate the area to preserve brightness and create a feeling of greater scale.

Natural Light

Scandinavian bathrooms are bright without being overwhelming. The best option is to use natural sunlight to bring in positive energy and better visibility as you prepare for your day. Here are some simple ways to bring natural light into your bathroom and make it look brighter and vibrant.

Use Large Mirrors

Mirrors can make a world of difference by reflecting natural light to make your bathroom look brighter and larger.

Scandinavian bathroom design

Carefully position the mirrors around the room so that they can enhance the existing natural light. One option – place a large mirror opposite the door.

Install A Skylight

A skylight (sometimes called a sun tunnel or sun pipe) is a great way to bring natural light into a windowless bathroom. As the name suggests, it brings sunlight into the bathroom through a reflective tube installed into the ceiling and roof.

Choose White Or Light-Colored Items

Dark colors absorb light while light colors reflect it. Hence, like mirrors, white or light-colored items enhance the existing natural light in your bathroom.

Scandinavian bathroom style

Succulents And Greenery

Living plants are a great way to add some Scandinavian flavor to your bathroom. Plants enliven spaces, and they look stunning with other Scandinavian treatments and materials like timber, white, and neutrals. The good news – many plants thrive in a bathroom environment, with its combination of sunlight, water, and steam. Plants not only enhance the natural, Scandinavian vibe, they also freshen the air. So why not add them to your Scandinavian style bathroom?

Scandinavian bathroom style

Our top tips: Place potted plants by your bath or shower and succulents on the marble countertop. Consider adding a plant in an empty corner to add visual interest. And don’t forget to choose a beautiful, simple container – we like small pots or wicker baskets.

Personal Accents

Alongside natural materials, neutral colors, and straight lines, personal accents are yet another feature of the Scandinavian bathroom style. Customize the space with a few elements of your choice. Add a bright-colored rug to lend a punch of color to the room, or add a boho wall hanging. Even the smallest bathrooms feel bigger by creating visual depth.

Scandinavian bathroom style

The Scandinavian bathroom style calls for minimalism and elements that achieve simplicity and utility. So keep accessories to a bare minimum.

Top RoomSketcher Tip!

The essence of the Scandinavian bathroom style is creating an area that looks simple and feels cozy. For this, keeping your bathroom clutter-free is a must. Instead of using storage cabinets, how about some woven baskets to keep towels and toilet rolls organized? There you have an immaculate-looking Scandinavian bathroom.

How to Visualize Your Scandinavian Style Bathroom

These days, it’s easy to visualize all your design ideas on your computer or tablet. It’s a great way to try out materials, colors, and styles without committing to anything until you are sure of your design. Take a look at this overview of how you could use the software app, RoomSketcher, to visualize your bathroom online.

Get Started

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