Primary Bedroom Floor Plan Examples

The primary bedroom is often the largest and nicest bedroom in a house or apartment. Ideally, it's a beautiful, well-designed space in which the owner(s) of the property can wake up, prepare for their day, and return for rest and relaxation.

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Master Bedroom 3D Floor Plan Examples

A basic primary bedroom floor plan will include a bedroom, closet space, and may have an attached bathroom. The possibilities from there are virtually endless. A luxurious primary bedroom suite may include his and her walk-in closets, a sitting area, a fireplace, and access to the outdoors via either a balcony or a patio. In the bathroom portion of a high-end master suite, you may see a double sink, a soaking bathtub plus a shower, a separate toilet room, and much more.

Typical Master Bedroom Size

The average primary bedroom size is close to 300 square feet (approx 28 m2) and gets smaller or larger depending on the size of the home - the master bedroom size is closer to 200 square feet (18 m2) for smaller homes and closer to 400 square feet (37 m2) for larger homes.

If you plan to choose a king-size bed, you'll need a minimum size of about 12 x 10 ft (4 x 3.5 m), but that will be a tight squeeze as far as adding much other furniture. Luckily, the average size primary bedroom is close to 14 x 20 feet (4 x 6 m), which can accommodate a large bed, nightstands, plus a dresser, chair, and even other pieces of furniture.

Primary Bedroom Floor Plan Layout Tips

A typical primary bedroom will include a king or queen-size bed, whose location on the floor plan is often dictated by the placement of doors and windows in the room. So as you look at floor plans, make sure you see a good location for your bed.

Having enough space to add a nightstand on either side of the bed allows each person to store glasses, a book, or a water cup. If your room is on the smaller side, some beds come with built-in nightstands that may be a better fit.

Will your primary bedroom be a true retreat from the rest of the house, where you may read, or even relax by a fire? If so, make sure that the floor plan has a space to create a relaxing nook, with one or two comfortable chairs or even a sofa or chaise. Or, will your bedroom also act as a home office or even a home gym? The possibilities are virtually endless, so it's important that you think through how you want to use this room before you plan the layout.

Since a primary bedroom often has two people using it, it's a good idea to think about how and when each person will use the various areas of the suite. For example, if one person typically gets up earlier than the other, it's ideal if the early riser can access the bathroom and closet, and then exit the suite without returning back through the bedroom, allowing the other person to continue sleeping. This sort of layout often includes a vestibule entrance - one side of the vestibule has a door to the bedroom, while the other side accesses the bathroom and closet areas.

If both people who use the bedroom tend to get up at the same time, or if you have a small house, then the space that a vestibule takes up could possibly be better used to expand the size of the bedroom, closets, or bathroom.

The Primary Bathroom and Closets

As far as the layout for the primary bathroom, with some planning, you can create a pleasurable space in which to complete your grooming activities. From shaving and brushing teeth to applying makeup and drying hair, to soaking in a deep bathtub, or doing a manicure - what are your top wants and needs? During the design phase, consider what's most important to you and make sure you have good lighting and mirrors, easy access to power, and convenient locations and storage so that you can perform your grooming activities in an easy and pleasurable way.

For the closet space, do you prefer his and her closets, so that you don't have to see your partner’s organization system (or lack of one!). Or will one shared closet work for your needs?

Visualize Your Dream Primary Bedroom

Are you ready to create the primary bedroom of your dreams? Once you've created your dream master bedroom wish list, it's a great idea to browse master bedroom floor plans, try out color schemes, and arrange furniture online to find the perfect layout for your needs.

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