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Event Floor Plan Software - Transform Your Vision Into Reality

Whether you're organizing a corporate conference, a grand wedding, or a bustling trade show, every event begins with a vision. Our Event Floor Plan Software is here to empower you, offering an intuitive platform that allows you to bring your event layouts to life with ease and precision. 

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Are You Planning an Event?

From mapping out seating arrangements to optimizing traffic flow, the RoomSketcher App allows you to plan and create unforgettable event experiences. With RoomSketcher, you have endless possibilities to help you transform your vision into a stunning reality. Here is why you should choose RoomSketcher as your event floor plan tool of choice:

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How to Design Your Event Layout

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Create a 2D Floor Plan of Your Event

With a 2D floor plan, you can easily design and visualize seating arrangements and showcase important elements within the layout. Annotations on the floor plan help highlight key aspects such as stage locations, registration areas, restrooms, and food and beverage stations.

A 2D Floor Plan of your event allows organizers to communicate the overall event layout effectively to stakeholders, vendors, and staff, ensuring seamless execution and minimizing confusion.

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Add Furniture From Our Vast Product Library

RoomSketcher offers an impressive product library that includes a diverse range of event furniture, including eye-catching elements like balloon arches, versatile staging systems, and high-quality speakers, enabling event planners and designers to bring their visions to life with precision and creativity.

View Event in 3D

By immersing yourself in a virtual environment, you gain a realistic perspective of how your event will look and feel. This allows you to make informed decisions about seating arrangements, exhibit placements, and overall flow. With a Live 3D Walkthrough, you can explore your venue's corners, identify potential bottlenecks, optimize traffic flow, and ensure a seamless attendee experience.

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Effectively Communicate Your Ideas With 3D Photos

3D Photos are excellent for conveying your envisioned event design to vendors. By showcasing the event space from different angles and perspectives, vendors can better understand your vision and accurately understand how the design elements will come together. This enables them to offer precise and tailored proposals, ensuring their services align with your expectations.

"RoomSketcher is easy to use and you can add a lot of great furniture to your floor plans! It's just perfect!"

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Virginie Chaventon Interior Designer, Décoration Partition

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