10 Must-Try New Bathroom Ideas

10 must-try new bathroom ideas

Looking for some great bathroom ideas to inspire your next bathroom design? Then look no further.

In this article, you’ll find ten fantastic bathroom ideas and expert tips for your bath décor including bathroom tile ideas, bathtub and shower ideas, bathroom vanities, and more!

1. Mix Bath Tile Sizes

Add variety to your bathroom design by mixing the sizes of your bathroom tiles. Many types of bathroom tiles are available in the same finish in several different sizes. Try mixing different sizes to add interest to your bathroom design without overwhelming it.

Bathroom tile ideas – Stone tiles in three different sizes

As a rule of thumb, mix 2-3 sizes. Use the largest size on the floor and smaller sizes on the walls. Use the smallest size on the wall where you want to create a focal point.

2. French Door Style Shower Enclosures

According to home design expert Nancy Mitchell of Apartment Therapy, steel framed French door-style shower enclosures are the “next big thing for the bathroom”. Steel is very strong which allows the shower frames to be quite slender. This allows the shower enclosure to be light and airy.

Bathroom shower ideas - Steel French door-style shower enclosure

The steel frames also add a little bit of an “industrial” feel, which is unexpected in a bathroom. For a modern, minimalist look, go with a simple steel frame shower enclosure, or try an enclosure with divided lights for a more classic French door look. Hinged shower doors instead of sliders will complete the look.

3. Oval Vanity Mirrors

Another French-inspired bathroom idea is to use an oval mirror over your bathroom vanity. Oval mirrors are more decorative than rectangular mirrors. They add curved lines to what can otherwise be a very rectangular room.

This makes them more visually interesting and a great focal point for your bathroom. Hang the oval mirror horizontally over your vanity to maximize the mirror space.

Parisian inspired bathroom design idea with marble vanity and oval mirror

4. Round Edge Bathroom Vanities

Another great way to add curves to your bathroom design is a round edge vanity. More and more bath design companies are introducing round edge vanities as an alternative to rectangular shapes that have been popular for some time now.

The round edge creates a softer look, which can make a modern bathroom design more playful and a traditional bathroom cozier.

Bathroom design idea with wall hung modern vanity with round edge

5. Furniture-Style Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity with some style is one of the best investments you can make when designing a new bathroom. The vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom and it’s the bath fixture you spend the most time at.

One of our favorite bathroom ideas is furniture-style vanity units. They’re a great way to add style to your bathroom.

Bathroom design idea with dresser vanity and vessel sink

Many bathroom companies are creating furniture style bathroom vanities now. However, a fun DIY bathroom idea is to create a custom bathroom vanity from a dresser like this one. A dresser has the advantage of having valuable bathroom storage already built-in!

6. Try a Trough-Style Bathroom Sink

Need room for two but, no room for a double vanity? Try a trough-style bathroom sink. This style sink is a great idea for busy bathrooms such as kids’ bathrooms, laundry bathrooms, or a bathroom off of a mudroom.

Bathroom design idea with wall hung vanity and trough sink

7. Corner Sink

Short on space? Try a corner sink. A corner sink is a perfect solution for a small bathroom or powder room where floor or wall space is tight. Look for clever corner sinks that incorporate a shelf or some bathroom storage.

Small bathroom design idea with corner sink

8. Create a Nautical Bathroom

Instantly transport yourself to the seaside by giving your bathroom a nautical look. Create a color palette of crisp blue and white with warm wood accents reminiscent of the teak wood used on boats.

Add a round porthole-like mirror above the vanity with nautical-inspired lighting on either side to complete the look.

Blue and white nautical bathroom design idea

Like the look of a nautical bathroom? See this easy bathroom update.

9. Bath Tiles That Transport You

Love the idea of a bathroom design that can transport you far away? Then try this bathroom idea inspired by Ottoman baths and palaces of the near east.

Turkey is famous for its beautiful and intricate Iznik tiles in a pattern of blue and white. As are the blue and white tile patterns of Morocco and Portugal.

You can combine several different patterns to create a wainscot, an accent wall, a wall mural or even to add lattice-like detail to the ceiling.

Bathroom design idea with blue and white Turkish tiles

10. Herringbone Flooring

If you like the idea of adding patterns to your bathroom, but you want something a bit more subtle, then try a herringbone floor pattern. Herringbone patterns are available in many different types of flooring materials and colors such as ceramic, marble, and wood.

Modern white bathroom design idea with herringbone tile flooring

For a bathroom, you will want to use a water-resistant material such as ceramic, marble, or stone. However, if you love the look of wood floors, try a wood-effect ceramic tile and have it laid in a herringbone pattern.

For bathroom floor plan inspiration, check out out Floor Plan gallery.

Try These Ideas in Your Own Bathroom

The bathroom ideas in this article were created using the RoomSketcher App. The RoomSketcher App is a fantastic and easy-to-use floor plan and home design software that you can use to design your bathroom online.

Simply draw your floor plan, furnish and decorate it, and see your design in 3D – it’s that easy!

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