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16 Best Bathroom Design Software (Free & Paid)

Whether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, it’s a good idea to use a bathroom design software to plan the layout and design. But which one to choose? Check out our list of the 16 best bathroom software products out there so you can find out which one fits your needs.

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16 Best Bathroom Design Software Products In 2023 (Free & Paid)
Sarah Bolstad

The bathroom holds a special place as a personal sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s a space where you prioritize self-care, find moments of tranquility, and where you begin and end your day. Creating a well-designed space for these important activities is well worth it.

To aid you in your bathroom planning, we have gathered a list of the 16 best bathroom design software tools we believe will be most helpful.

Software List

  1. RoomSketcher
  2. Cedreo
  3. Floorplanner
  4. Planner5D
  5. SketchUp
  6. Foyr Neo
  7. Homestyler
  8. SmartDraw
  9. Tile3D Bathroom Design
  10. IKEA Bathroom Planner
  11. Live Home 3D
  12. MagicPlan
  13. Chief Architect
  14. CubiCasa
  15. ConceptDraw
  16. Metropix

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bathroom Design Software

Bathroom in neutral beige colors

Picking the best bathroom design software can make the process smoother and lead to a successful outcome. With many choices out there, it's important to define your particular needs. Here are some key things to consider when selecting the best bathroom design software:

Project Scale

Determine the scope of your project. For example, is it a simple update or a complete overhaul? Ensure that the software offers the necessary tools and features suitable for the complexity of your project. Some products may be better suited for smaller renovations, while others work well for larger, more intricate designs.


Evaluate the features offered by the design software. Look for a solution that allows you to create accurate 2D and 3D floor plans, visualize fixtures, fittings, and materials, and explore design options. Be sure to determine if the software provides a comprehensive enough library of bathroom components, fixtures, materials, and finishes to represent your vision accurately.


A user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows are essential when selecting design software. The product should be easy to navigate and understand, allowing you to be successful quickly. Look for software that boasts a fast learning curve and an abundance of tutorials to help you get started. Your best choice will also provide a friendly customer service team to answer any questions - this can be invaluable if you need help at any point in your project.


Consider choosing a solution that allows you to work on different platforms, such as a laptop at home or a tablet while traveling. You may also want to select a tool that enables project sharing and collaboration.

Value for Money

Evaluate the cost of the software compared to the benefits. Does the total price align with your budget and the value it offers for your specific project requirements? Compare the features, support options, and potential for future upgrades or add-ons to assess its overall cost-effectiveness.

You can determine the best bathroom design software for your project’s needs by considering these and any other factors you choose. Here is a list of our top bathroom design software picks:

RoomSketcher - Best Overall Bathroom Design Software

RoomSketcher best bathroom design software

Pro: RoomSketcher boasts a user-friendly interface and offers a vast library of customizable bathroom components and objects, allowing for easy bathroom design and visualization in both 2D and 3D.

Con: While a free trial is available, access to the full bathroom furniture collection and professional visualization requires a paid subscription.

Key Features:

Pricing: RoomSketcher Plans and Pricing

RoomSketcher stands out as a top choice in bathroom design software due to its user-friendly interface and specialized features tailored for efficient and detailed bathroom planning. With its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, even users without prior design experience can easily create and visualize their dream bathrooms. 

A standout feature of RoomSketcher is its comprehensive library of bathroom appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, decor, and accessories, available in various styles. Combined with RoomSketcher’s powerful customization options, users can accurately represent their desired bathroom design and bring their vision to life.

RoomSketcher also provides precise measurement tools, allowing for accurate placement and spacing between elements within the bathroom. RoomSketcher also features exceptional 3D rendering capabilities. Users can view their bathroom designs from different angles to visualize the final result better. This enhances the design process and allows for any necessary adjustments before implementation. 

In summary, RoomSketcher's user-friendly features and comprehensive tools make it an excellent choice for creating stunning and practical bathroom designs. Whether you are a professional designer or a homeowner, RoomSketcher empowers you to create beautiful and functional bathrooms on your computer or tablet.


Cedreo bathroom design software

Pro: Cedreo provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to create impressive bathroom layouts and visualize them in 3D.

Con: Cedreo is costly for individual users, and its features and customization options are somewhat limited compared to other software programs.

Key Features:

Pricing: Cedreo Plans and Pricing

Cedreo is bathroom design software that enables you to create impressive visualizations of your bathroom designs. Its drag-and-drop interface allows for easy creation of floor plans and adding of furniture, fixtures, and finishes. 

One drawback of Cedreo is its smaller library of bathroom-specific components and limited customization options for them. This can hinder the ability to create truly unique and personalized bathroom designs.


Floorplanner bathroom design software

Pro: Floorplanner is a budget-friendly option with a clean and intuitive interface, best suited for designing simple bathroom layouts.

Con: Although Floorplanner has a vast furniture library, the customization options are limited. Additionally, the Floorplanner Help Center is less helpful than some of the other providers in this post.

Key Features:

Pricing: Floorplanner Plans and Pricing

Floorplanner’s clean interface allows you to quickly and easily create 2D and 3D bathroom designs. While it is handy for general floor plan design, more suitable alternatives exist for specialized bathroom design due to its limited customization options, restricting the ability to visualize certain elements. While Floorplanner can be a valuable tool for generating initial design concepts, exploring other options for more detailed design work and planning may be beneficial.


Planner5D bathroom design software

Pro: Planner5D is an affordable software product that allows for collaboration among multiple users, making it a suitable choice for bathroom design projects involving teams.

Con: The tool could be more intuitive, making it somewhat challenging to work with.

Key Features:

Pricing: We could not find a pricing page.

Planner5D is a mobile bathroom design app that allows you to create stunning bathroom designs on your phone. It offers an extensive library of fixtures, finishes, and furniture. However, the tool’s lack of intuitiveness makes the project time-consuming and frustrating.


SketchUp bathroom design software

Pro: SketchUp is a highly versatile software application that allows for complex 3D modeling, making it a reasonable choice for designing complex and intricate bathroom layouts.

Con: SketchUp has a steep learning curve, which can challenge beginners or those unfamiliar with 3D modeling software. Additionally, SketchUp is a premium product and is quite expensive compared to other options, especially as you must purchase extension packs to acquire outputs such as 3D images and 3D floor plans.

Key Features:

Pricing: SketchUp Plans and Pricing

SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software ideal for tech-savvy users who want to create detailed 3D models of bathroom designs. You can import 2D floor plans, customize materials and textures, and add realistic lighting and shadows to your designs. However, Sketchup has a steep learning curve and is best for those with prior CAD experience. The software's complexity and advanced features make it challenging for beginners, who may require time and effort to become proficient in using it effectively.  SketchUp's emphasis on precise modeling and technical aspects may be overwhelming for individuals seeking a more straightforward and user-friendly software solution for their bathroom design needs.

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo bathroom design software

Pro: Foyr Neo is user-friendly and does not require CAD experience.

Con: Limited customization options and smaller bathroom component library. Foyr Neo's pricing plans are expensive compared to some of the alternative software options.

Key Features:

Pricing: Foyr Neo Plans and Pricing

Foyr Neo's limited customization options and smaller library of bathroom-specific components can keep users from fully exploring their design ideas or achieving the desired level of customization. 

Another significant downside to Foyr Neo is the absence of a free subscription option, as users are only offered a time-limited free trial. This lack of a free version can deter individuals seeking a cost-effective or budget-friendly solution. Furthermore, the software's pricing plans are expensive, potentially excluding those on a tight budget. 


Homestyler bathroom design software

Pro: Homestyler offers a vast library of bathroom design objects, including furniture, fixtures, and decor. 

Con: No option to download 2D and 3D floor plans or 3D images directly from the software. 

Key Features:

Pricing: Homestyler Plans and Pricing

Homestyler is popular for general interior design purposes but may not be the most suitable option for bathroom design. The software relies heavily on pre-made templates, and its limited customization options can hinder creativity and personalization when creating unique bathroom designs. 

Additionally, Homestyler's measurement tools do not offer the precision and accuracy necessary for detailed bathroom planning.  This limitation will be challenging when ensuring precise spacing between fixtures and other elements in the bathroom. Homestyler also has limited export options, which can restrict the ability to transfer or share bathroom designs with other software or professionals. 


SmartDraw bathroom design software

Pro: SmartDraw offers collaborative features that enable users to work together on bathroom designs. 

Con: SmartDraw primarily focuses on 2D diagramming and lacks robust 3D visualization capabilities. 

Key Features:

Pricing: SmartDraw Plans and Pricing

Originally designed as business software for flow charts and 2D diagramming, SmartDraw lacks certain features found in dedicated design software. While some users may appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of a 2D interface, it's important to consider the limitations of not having an immersive 3D environment for visualization. The lack of a 3D view in SmartDraw can make it harder to accurately perceive the spacing between bathroom components and make it more challenging to visualize the final result. 

SmartDraw’s interface and workflow is not as intuitive or user-friendly as software developed for bathroom design. Users without prior experience will encounter a steeper learning curve when working with SmartDraw than with specialized tools tailored for bathroom design tasks.

Tile3D Bathroom Design

Tile 3D Bathroom Design

Pro:  Tile3D, designed for use in tile stores, offers realistic rendering capabilities, providing users with high-quality visualizations of rooms containing wall or floor tile. 

Con:  Tile3D primarily focuses on wall and floor tile design and lacks comprehensive tools and features for working with bathroom components such as fixtures, furniture, or lighting. 

Key Features:

Pricing: Tile3D Plans and Pricing

Tile3D is a software product specializing in floor and wall tile visualization and customization, offering advanced features in that area. However, Tile3D does not provide the same advanced functionality for designing bathroom components, such as fixtures, furniture, or lighting. This narrow focus on tile limits the software’s ability to create a comprehensive bathroom design. Additionally, Tile3D's learning curve is steeper for users without prior experience in tile design, posing a challenge for individuals seeking a more user-friendly and versatile software solution for their bathroom design projects.

IKEA Bathroom Planner

IKEA bathroom design software

Pro:  The IKEA bathroom planner is a free and budget-friendly tool for designing your bathroom. It enables users to plan and visualize a bathroom without any additional costs.

Con:  The planner heavily relies on the availability and compatibility of IKEA products. Users who prefer to explore a broader range of brands or products outside of IKEA's offerings may find the selection limited.

Key Features:

Pricing: Free

While the IKEA bathroom planner offers a range of pre-designed layouts and products from the IKEA catalog, the features and level of customization are limited. Additionally, the IKEA bathroom planner lacks advanced functionality and features compared to other dedicated bathroom design software options, thus limiting the ability to create complex bathroom designs. The IKEA bathroom planner is completely free, which is reflected in the overall quality of the tool.

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D bathroom planner

Pro: Live Home 3D provides options for precise measurements, custom materials, and lighting effects.

Con:  Live Home 3D’s library of bathroom-specific components and fixtures is more limited than dedicated bathroom design software.

Key Features:

Pricing: Live Home 3D Plans and Pricing

Live Home 3D has a relatively steep learning curve, especially for users new to architectural or interior design software. Its advanced features and intricate customization option requires significant time and effort to master. Additionally, Live Home 3D's library of bathroom components and fixtures is limited compared to other specialized bathroom design software, making creating highly detailed and accurate representations of bathroom designs harder.


MagicPlan bathroom planner

Pro:   Magicplan’s automated processes and intuitive tools enable users to quickly generate floor plans by scanning the room with their device camera.

Con:  Magicplan primarily focuses on floor plan creation rather than providing extensive design tools and features. 

Key Features:

Pricing: MagicPlan Plans and Pricing

Magicplan primarily focuses on floor plan creation and contains fewer design tools and features tailored for bathroom design. Magicplan stands out in its ability to create accurate floor plans through its augmented reality and measurement capabilities. However, it lacks the robustness and specialized features required for creating detailed and visually appealing bathroom designs. Magicplan's limited customization options and a small library of bathroom components may prevent users from fully personalizing and exploring their design ideas.

Chief Architect

Chief Architect bathroom design software

Pro: Chief Architect excels in generating detailed construction documents, making it easier for professionals and those involved in the construction process to effectively communicate and seamlessly implement bathroom designs.

Con:  Due to its professional-grade features and complex interface, Chief Architect is a challenge for beginners or users with limited design software experience.

Key Features:

Pricing: Chief Architect Plans and Pricing

Chief Architect is known for its advanced features and professional-level capabilities, which may be overwhelming for individuals new to architectural or design software. Navigating the extensive tools and options of Chief Architect requires a significant investment of time and effort to master. 

Additionally, the software's pricing is relatively high compared to other alternatives, limiting its appeal to users on a tight budget or those looking for a cost-effective option for their bathroom design projects.


CubiCasa bathroom design software

Pro:  CubiCasa focuses on measuring existing floor plans and determining dimensions.

Con:  The floor plan projects you create in CubiCasa are not editable, so you can’t create different options once you draw a layout. It also lacks robust 3D visualization and is better if you are just focusing on capturing an existing layout.

Key Features:

Pricing: CubiCasa Pricing

While CubiCasa is great for determining accurate measurements and creating detailed floor plans of an existing layout - it will not allow you to create hypothetical layouts or different versions of a layout. CubiCasa also lacks the robust design tools and customization options necessary for creating visually appealing and personalized bathroom designs. The software's limited library of bathroom components and minimal ability to customize fixtures, materials, and finishes may hinder users from achieving their desired level of detail and creativity. Once you’ve created a project, you cannot make any edits, and you’ll have to import the project to another software that allows editing.


ConceptDraw bathroom design software

Pro:  ConceptDraw users can work on projects collaboratively, share designs with team members, and export files in various formats, making the software convenient for team-based design projects.

Con:  ConceptDraw does not specialize in floor plan creation and, thus, does not include features and tools to accurately create and visualize your bathroom design.

Key Features:

Pricing: ConceptDraw Pricing

While the software allows you to create different types of diagrams and visuals, it falls short in providing numerous bathroom components or extensive customization options specific to bathroom design. This limitation may keep users from achieving the desired level of detail and personalization in their designs.


Metropix bathroom design software

Pro:  Metropix offers robust measurement tools, allowing users to measure distances, areas, and dimensions within their floor plans with precision.

Con:  Metropix does not provide advanced 3D visualization capabilities, like 3D images or 360 Views.

Key Features:

Pricing: Metropix Pricing

Metropix is primarily a 2D Floor Plan creation tool that allows users to create different versions of a bathroom in 2D. However, it has limited 3D visualization capabilities, which means users cannot see an actual representation of how the bathroom will look. Nevertheless, users can still obtain a well-detailed 2D floor plan with precise measurements using Metropix.

Which Bathroom Design Tool is Right For You?

There are numerous bathroom design software options available, each offering features and tools to help you design your dream bathroom. However, RoomSketcher rises above the rest as the top choice for bathroom design due to its user-friendly interface, specialized features, and comprehensive tools. 

RoomSketcher offers an extensive library of plumbing fixtures, fittings, and customizable components specifically designed for bathroom projects, ensuring accurate representation and optimal use of space. With its precise measurement tools and 3D rendering capabilities, RoomSketcher allows for detailed visualization from various perspectives. 

Overall, RoomSketcher stands out as the best bathroom design software, striking a perfect balance between ease of use and functionality, making it the ideal choice for creating stunning and practical bathroom designs. Create a free account and see for yourself how easy RoomSketcher is to use. Then, upgrade to a paid subscription to unlock the full power of RoomSketcher.

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