Built-in Home Office Desk

Built-in Home Office Desk

Looking for home office ideas? You can create a simple and functional built-in home office desk easily with these simple tips.

Turn an awkward alcove or room corner into a useful and attractive room feature with a built-in home office desk. A built-in desk does not have to be complicated, expensive or even require a contractor to install it. You can make this desk yourself with a few basic items – a desktop, a few wall shelves and a drawer unit.

To create a floating desktop like the one above you will want your supports to be hidden. You can do this by painting them the same color as your wall. If your built-in home office desk will sit in a corner instead of an alcove, attach it to the wall on two sides and add a single leg on the outside corner.

No matter how big or small, your home office will need some storage. For this built-in home office desk, we attached a simple wood drawer unit to the underside of the desk. Alternatively, you can add a rolling drawer unit. This is a great option if you need a file drawer to store paperwork.

Add a few wall-mounted shelves above for books, small storage boxes and some fun objects to add a personal touch. If you require a lot of shelf space, make your shelves the same length as the desktop. If you require only some shelf space, go with shorter shelves and place them to one side for a cool asymmetrical look.

Adding an accent wall in a dark color will create a crisp, graphic look. Then, finish your built-in home office desk with a pin board, artwork or just some inspirational images hung above the desk to complete the look.

This built-in home office desk was created with the RoomSketcher App. Learn how to plan your office design using RoomSketcher.

Frankie Elmquist
Frankie Elmquist is an interior architect and our Home Design Specialist. She’s worked around the globe for some of the top design firms in the world and now she brings her expertise to you.

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