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8 Inspiring Kitchen Desk Area Ideas

Many of us spend a good part of our day in the kitchen, which can make it the ideal place to locate a desk or home office. Create a central command post in your kitchen with these simple kitchen desk design tips and ideas.

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RoomSketcher Home Office Modern In Kitchen Desk Design
Carolyn White

A kitchen desk area can provide the perfect place to keep yourself or a family organized. It can also be a great place to oversee homework or computer time.

An Under-Utilized Corner

To create this kitchen workstation, we placed a simple white desk in an unused corner. If your space is large enough, select or design a desk that allows some room to spread out – to compare cookbooks, sort mail, and accomplish small projects.

Kitchen desk area red chair corner

The desk above has under-counter shelf units to provide dedicated storage for office supplies or papers. Look for one with a file drawer if you like to organize bills, schoolwork, and more into files. Large upper storage cabinets can hide cookbooks and other items.

Make sure your desk blends in seamlessly by matching the style and color of the rest of the kitchen. The white shaker desk cabinets match the style and color of the rest of the kitchen, and the desktop is the same material as the center island counter. Plus, the pops of red from the pendant lamps are continued to the desk chair and lamp, creating a colorful and fun vibe.

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Under the Stairs

In this modern kitchen, space is optimized by placing a desk under the stairs. The use of wood with light colors in this kitchen creates a sleek, modern look that is continued to the workstation area. Touches of green soften the look and provide a calming vibe.

Kitchen desk area under the stairs

A drawer unit on wheels provides storage and can be kept under the desk, or pulled out to provide extra surface area when needed.

Kitchen desk area under the stairs 3D Photo Wood

Central Meeting Place

This kitchen provides a central workplace or meeting area. Share a morning coffee, coordinate schedules, make plans, and more. Anything is possible!

Kitchen desk area meeting point in the kitchen 3D Photo

Art Gallery Kitchen

In this art gallery inspired kitchen, the desk fits perfectly into the color concept and becomes an exhibit itself.

Kitchen desk area a kitchen like an art gallery 3D Photo

This desk area includes file storage below and a bright wall-mounted sconce light for late-night planning or studying. Because the desk is centrally located in the kitchen, it’s a great children’s study area where a parent can monitor homework while cooking.

Kitchen desk area a kitchen like an art gallery 3D Photo Orange

Multiple Storage Options

In this kitchen, open storage works for storing the owner’s cookbooks. Baskets or small decorative storage boxes could be added to neatly store mail or bills.

Kitchen desk area tiles 3D Photo White Wood Details

If you prefer closed storage to hide the inevitable drop zone mess of a busy family, consider built-in storage cabinets, as shown in the kitchen below. The desk area stays neat and usable while inside the cabinets, shelves, baskets, and other organizers can separate items for each member of the family.

Kitchen desk area tiles 3D Photo Grey White

Fresh Colors – Before and After

A kitchen that feels out-dated becomes new and fresh again through the use of natural materials and bright colors in the accessories. The previous kitchen, shown on the left below, used dark wood and old fashioned small footprint tile with grout. Notice how a switch to bright white cabinets and more current flooring lightens the entire kitchen.

Kitchen Desk Area Before and After
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The updated kitchen workstation uses the same white shaker style lower cabinets and flat front upper cabinets as the rest of the kitchen. A large pin board above the desk provides a place for calendars, schedules, notices, family photos, and artwork. The central location makes it an ideal place for family members to check in on their activities and schedules as well.

Small Apartment Kitchen Office

This small apartment had no space for a full office, so a favorite office desk was built right into the kitchen. Multiple storage cubbies and drawers provide space for supplies, and the unit also has a hidden outlet area to charge phones or other electronics.

Kitchen desk area the kitchen office 3D Photo Green Wall

The entire desk can be folded up when more space is needed in the kitchen, or to conceal work in progress. Here’s a look at the entire kitchen, showing the green and white accents throughout.

Kitchen desk area the kitchen office 3D Photo Green Chairs

Get Started on Your Kitchen Design

These kitchen desk ideas were created using the RoomSketcher App. The RoomSketcher App is floor plan and home design software that you can use to design your kitchen online. Simply draw your kitchen floor plan, choose fixtures and finishes, furnish and decorate, and see your design in 3D – it’s that easy!

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