Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Looking for some Christmas decorating ideas to help you get ready for the Holidays? We love the holidays here at RoomSketcher and decorating our homes is one of our favorite parts. To help inspire your holiday decor, here are some fun and easy Christmas decorating ideas to make your season merry and bright!

Dress Up Your Dining Room

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Dining room with red slipcovered chairs and table runner

Dress up your dining room with festive red dining chair slipcovers. You can find these easily online at affordable prices. Choose slipcovers that reach all the way to the floor or that just cover the seat and back if you want your chair legs to show. Many dining chair slipcovers come with a tie-back – tie them in a bow for a festive finish. Add a red table runner to complete the look.

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Cluster Candlesticks

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Dining room table with clustered silver candlesticks centerpiece

Gather a group of similar candlesticks to create a festive and functional centerpiece. It does not matter if your candlesticks are traditional, mid-century or modern – this designer’s styling trick works every time. Start with a group of three candlesticks in varying heights and add from there. No candlesticks? This Christmas decorating idea works with pillar candles as well.

Change Out Your Chairs

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Dining room with DIY red painted dining chairs

Add a splash of color at the Holidays by swapping out your everyday dining chairs with a set of red painted chairs. This is a fun DIY Christmas decorating idea that you can do easily. Paint an old set of wood chairs that you have on hand or find a set inexpensively online or at your local flea-market or furniture consignment shop. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the chair styles too!

Accessorize with Color

Christmas Decorating Ideas - White living room with red home decor

You can create a seasonal look simply with colored accessories. Choose a color theme that will compliment your home decor such as red and white or silver and gold. We made these two rooms Christmas-cozy by just adding a few simple and inexpensive accessories in red. Look for pillows, throw rugs, pillar candles, curtains, a simple shelf … even a group of mixing bowls can do the trick.

Christmas Decorating Ideas - White dining room with red curtains and home decor

Frame Your Tree

Make your Christmas tree the focal point of your room by placing it in a central location and framing it with two cozy and inviting chairs.  Add some festive decorative pillows to complete the look.

Christmas Decorating Ideas - White and green living room with two chairs framing a Christmas tree

Make It Shiny and White

Red isn’t the only color option at the holidays. You can transform your interior with holiday greenery. Frame your doorways, hang boughs from your stair railings and incorporate miniature potted versions of pine, cedar or cypress. Mix in orchids, white poinsettia, bay leaf and magnolia to add interesting texture and shapes. Best of all when you decorate with holiday greenery your home will smell amazing!

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Living Room with Holiday Greenery and Metallic Accents

Pair your holiday greenery with white, silver or gold metallic accents to complete the look and make it shiny and bright. Whether you go all out with your Christmas decorating ideas or keep it sweet and simple, have fun and make it festive.

Get Started

These Christmas decorating ideas were created with RoomSketcher. You can use this easy-to-use online home design tool to plan and visualize your Christmas decorating ideas too!

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Trine Bretteville
Trine Bretteville is the EVP Sales and Marketing at RoomSketcher. She works with floor plan professionals around the globe, to help them get the most out of the software. Images for this article are designed by Andrea Platzer – interior designer from Vintage Plan and More

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