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Where to Put a Christmas Tree in Your Home This Holiday Season

Haven’t decided your Christmas tree placement yet? Check out our suggestions and then use the RoomSketcher App to try out various options before settling on the ideal location – or locations if you decide to put up more than one!

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Christmas tree in hall
Linda White

O Christmas Tree! The evergreen inspired a timeless Christmas carol, but it begs the same questions from one home to another: where to put the Christmas tree and when should you put it up?

Things to Consider Before Placing Your Christmas Tree

There are a few considerations when deciding where to put a Christmas tree, including the following:

Where Should a Christmas Tree be Placed in a home?

Why limit yourselves to just one Christmas tree? When deciding Christmas tree placement, consider spreading holiday cheer throughout your home with trees of various sizes. Let one or more of these locations inspire you:

Front porch

Placing a tree or a cluster of miniature trees on your front porch adds a festive touch sure to be appreciated by neighbors, passersby and guests

Front porch Christmas décor


The weather outside might be frightful, but placing a slim Christmas tree or a cluster of small trees in your entryway will be delightful, creating a warm welcome for family and guests. Choose a tree that allows for ample space to put on and remove bulky winter clothing and boots.

Christmas tree placed in foyer

Family room

Imagine watching your favorite Christmas movies with your family while enjoying cups of hot chocolate under the soft glow of a Christmas tree adorned with beautiful lights and ornaments.

Christmas inspiration for family room

Dining room

If you enjoy holiday meals with family and friends, the dining room is a picture-perfect location for a Christmas tree. It will create a cozy ambience that invites you to linger over welcome conversation.

Christmas tree in dining room


Place a miniature tree on a countertop or a larger tree in an out-of-the-way corner and decorate it with homemade gingerbread cookies and culinary-themed ornaments.

Christmas tree placement ideas for kitchen


Tucking the kids into bed after reading Christmas stories and letting them fall asleep to the warm glow of Christmas lights is nothing short of magical. Make it even more special by letting them choose a theme for the tree and hang DIY ornaments.

Christmas tree placement bedroom


The towering Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City might be the world’s most famous outdoor tree, but that doesn’t mean placing a tree on your patio won’t create a big impact. Decorate it with shatterproof ornaments and oversized lights.

Christmas tree on patio

Christmas Tree Placement Ideas

By the fireplace

Placing a Christmas tree to the side of a fireplace is a traditional location, but ensure it’s at least three feet away from the fireplace for safety.

Christmas tree by fireplace

By the stairs

Transform your home’s staircase into the season’s star attraction by placing your Christmas tree beside it. Extend its impact by decorating the staircase handrail with a garland that complements the tree.

Christmas tree by staircase

By wide windows

Placing a Christmas tree by tall and wide windows allows you to share the beauty of your tree with neighbors and passersby. It will create an especially festive impression when lit on dark winter nights.

Christmas tree by large windows

Open spaces

If you're wondering where to put a Christmas tree in open floor plans, place it in a space that allows you to enjoy it from numerous vantage points. Be sure it’s near an electrical outlet, so the cord for your lights doesn’t become a tripping hazard.

Christmas tree in open space living room

In apartments

Now, where to put a Christmas tree in apartments. Depending on the size of your apartment, you can place a narrow tree in a corner of a favorite room or a miniature tree (or several miniature trees) on a table.

Christmas tree in apartment

When you have a small space

Placing a Christmas tree in a corner of a room ensures it’s out of the way while still allowing you to enjoy it. Choosing a narrow tree as tall as the height of the room allows rather than a wide tree will create the biggest impact.

Christmas thee placed in small spaces

Feng Shui Christmas tree placement

A Christmas tree’s triangular shape is considered a symbol of ‘fire’ in Feng Shui. The best place for this symbol is in the room located in your home’s upper left-hand corner, which is considered the ‘wealth area’ where triangular shapes and wooden objects are particularly powerful.

Placeing a Christmas tree Feng-Shui layout

Where Should You Not Put a Christmas Tree?

These are two places where you should avoid putting a Christmas tree:

Near heating elements

Avoid placing a natural or artificial tree near a source of heat or ventilation, including TVs, because it will become dry and brittle and pose a fire hazard. Also, blocking the heating elements that warm your home will force you to turn up the thermostat.

In front of a small window

In front of a window might sound like an ideal location for your Christmas tree placement because it would allow passersby to enjoy it, but make sure the window is wide enough and the tree doesn’t block natural light from entering your home. You’d need to turn on lights to brighten the space, and because natural light warms up a space, you’d also need to turn up the thermostat – both energy wasters.


Use RoomSketcher as a Christmas Tree Placement App

The RoomSketcher App is an easy-to-use home design and floor plan tool that can help you find out where to put a Christmas tree in your house or apartment. Draw walls, windows, doors, stairs, and electrical outlets and then add/move furniture.

Create high-quality floor plans and 2D and 3D visualizations quickly, easily, and affordably so you love the location of your Christmas tree, knowing it’s a focal point of your holiday décor and memories in the making as you decorate it and gather around it on Christmas morning to open gifts.

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