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Meet Elin, Our 3D Project Manager

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Elin has been at RoomSketcher for a whopping 10 years. She works with creating all the furniture and materials available in RoomSketcher. Curious to learn about how we decide which furniture to make? Read her interview to find out more.

Employee RoomSketcher
Sarah Bolstad

How do you create new furniture? What is your A-Z process?

I make the furniture on a computer in a program called 3ds Max. I can draw the furniture in three dimensions, put on replaceable materials, and export them into the App from there. The 2D’s are made in Illustrator. I also work with finding understandable names for the different parts of the item and searchable names for the product. This is a big part of a furniture project.

All furniture is thoroughly checked by our QA team before being published.

Do you have a list of things to make?

I work project-based with furniture for RoomSketcher. Usually, I select a theme, like wedding, office, dining, etc. These themes are generally based on requests from our customers. One project may contain between 40 and 200 items, all released on the same day.

I also work with updating our existing furniture library by making them available with Replace Materials.


What's the most fun thing you've made so far?

I like weddings, and I think the Wine/Champagne Bowl with bottles made by RoomSketcher Brewery is one of my favorites.

Silver and gold champagne bowl

What is the most challenging thing you've made?

Detailed products like Plants and Flowers are the most challenging because they must not contain too many polygons.

Small garden with plants

How do you celebrate finishing a furniture project?

I play around with the new furniture in the RoomSketcher App. It’s exciting to make a house or garden to see how old items fit with brand-new published items.

Sometimes Marketing uses images from these projects to show what’s new. I’m always excited to find out what furniture group I’ll start with next.

What is the biggest takeaway from your ten years’ experience at RoomSketcher?

That a small company, where people work together towards a common goal, can make a change.

Employee RoomSketcher

In your opinion, why should people choose RoomSketcher?

I use RoomSketcher whenever I want to redecorate my home or play with interior design in the app.

Interior Designers, Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, and lots of other users give us inspiring feedback from all over the world!

Download the RoomSketcher App and start decorating with our wonderful furniture and Replace Materials.

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