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All Chairs Now With Replace Materials

New furniture now available with our Replace Materials feature.

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Dining chairs replace materials
Trine Bretteville

Chairs Galore!

All dining chairs are now available with our popular Replace Materials feature. Change the material on the seat and back, and even the legs! Choose from hundreds of different material options, everything from velvet, linen, and florals to wood styles and paint. For legs, you have woods and metals available. You can even set your own paint color by using a hex code.

New 2D Symbols Too

We’ve revamped the 2D symbols for all our chairs to more closely resemble the actual shape of the chair. Have a look at some of our favorites: 

SVG dining chair symbols

To get all the new chairs with Replace Materials and updated 2D symbols, go ahead and update the RoomSketcher App.

How Do I Update the App?

On your tablet or computer, make sure you are connected to wifi – just open the app and you’ll be prompted to download the latest Product Library. When the update is complete, you’ll have access to all the updated dining chairs.

Remember to download the RoomSketcher App to all the computers and tablets you use, your projects are stored in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

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