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Interior Design Trends for 2024 Begin With Color

Wicker furniture, terrazzo tile, wooden décor and vintage kitchenware will all make their way into homes in 2043. But if you’re investing in only one thing in your home next year, it should be color.

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Digital Lavender color of the year
Jill Waldbieser

Color doesn’t just transform spaces; it also transforms lives. Some designers predict tranquility will reign supreme with warm whites, earth tones and pastels taking center stage. Other designers are embracing fun and energetic color palettes that just might push you out of your color comfort zone.

The Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year (COTY) is Digital Lavender. The light purple hue is described as “calm and optimistic” and is often associated with peace and serenity.

Behr Paint’s 2023 COTY is Blank Canvas, a hopeful and welcoming warm white meant to inspire tranquility and renewal.

Benjamin Moore selected Raspberry Blush, “a confident and charismatic shade of red-orange” that energizes a room and commands attention, the brand reports.

“a hue that reflects an optimistic mood as we emerge ready for the next normal”


Dulux by PPG’s COTY is Vining Ivy, a blend of blue and green. The bold and expressive hue reflects an “optimistic mood as we emerge ready for the next normal,” the brand explains.  

Whatever mood you want to create in your home through color, it will serve as the perfect backdrop to 2024’s home décor trends.

Here are eight home décor ideas you’re likely to see a lot more of; and expert advice for making them work in your own space.

1. Flexible Furnishings

A hallmark of furniture design in 2024 will be customization, according to Cini. “When more people are using a space, having flexible furniture is key,” she says. That includes everything from coffee tables that raise up and convert to a worktable to dining tables that expand from accommodating four to having eight for dinner.

Interior design bedroom with Murphy's bed

Additionally, she says, “The old tried and true Murphy’s bed is back and better than ever before, allowing you to have a full bookcase on the front, a dining table, and with a simple turn and fold down (not having to remove anything on your bookshelves), it converts to a full bed.”

While this furniture design trend maximizes your design options, it also means you need to be careful about planning your room layouts to accommodate multiple possibilities.

2. Earth Tones

White walls and neutrals with occasional pops of bright color dominated home décor for years. But now, Benjamin Stenson, from The Norsemen, says there’s a return to rich earth tones. “I’m seeing a lot of this lately in dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens,” Stenson says.

“Dark earth tones look best in large open spaces or areas with high ceilings. You want to make sure that there’s enough room for the color to breathe and appear as intended.”

Benjamin Stenson

In 2024, new interior design trends will use these shades as the main color in one room and pull an accent color from one or two pieces of furniture. “Room layout is extremely important even when you are matching colors,” Stenson says.

“Dark earth tones look best in large open spaces or areas with high ceilings. You want to make sure that there’s enough room for the color to breathe and appear as intended."

Kitchen interior with earth tones

Homeowners can pair dark earth tones with deep, rich shades of blue and green, or complement them by adding bright, colorful area rugs and textiles. According to Stenson, “Dark earth tones are the perfect way to showcase your personality.”

3. Eco-friendly Designs and Materials

One of the most popular interior design trends in the last several years has been a push for all-natural and eco-friendly materials, says Marco Bizzley, from HouseGrail.

Repurposed materials in kitchen design eco friendly

“People are choosing materials that have been recycled, reused, or made from reclaimed wood,” he says. “Eco-friendly designs will become more and more popular as people become educated about the environmental impact that their choices have.” Plus, eco-friendly materials are often less likely to provoke allergies or health problems.

4. Natural Stone Surfaces

In line with the trend of people seeking natural influences in their home décor, materials like stone will be prevalent in interior design in 2024, predicts interior designer Sherry Hope-Kennedy, from Studio SHK.

Kitchen design with natural stone details

“From bathrooms awash in moody marble to kitchen backsplashes and countertops brimming in variegated swirls, natural stone will make a statement in 2024,” she says. “It is both art form and functional, and works well in modern, contemporary, and traditional design.”

5. Organic Silhouettes

Hard edges, sharp angles, and geometric patterns are among the decorating trends that are phased out in 2024.

Bedroom interior design with organic silhouettes

Instead, soft, flowing shapes and designs take center stage, says Vanessa Deleon, senior designer at Vanessa Deleon Associates. “Creating a Zen-like environment that encourages mental clarity and productivity with just a few changes can make a big difference,” she says, particularly in these anxiety-ridden times.

“Create a space that clears the mind is the ingredient for energy.”

Vanessa Deleon

6. ’80s Décor

Mid-century modern style has been one of the prevalent trends in interior design for a while now, but more adventurous homeowners may gravitate toward bolder designs in the coming year, says Stacy Lewis, interior designer at EternityModern.

Interior design trend with 80s décor

In the 1980s, interior design trends focused on bold colors and playful shapes and patterns, but this would be a slightly toned-down version of that, she says. The contrast is “engaging to the eye” and a refreshing change from the home décor trends we’ve seen for the past several years.

7. Textured Layers

As more people look to create cozy and comforting spaces in their homes, a technique previously only used by design pros is gaining attention. Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer for Trendey predicts that the layering technique will be one of the top interior design trends for 2024.

“This practice was once a carefully crafted art and well-kept interior design secret,” she says. “Now, everyone is looking for complementary textures to create depth and visual interest in a room.”

Textured layers in living room interior

This technique can be accomplished by hanging textured art on the walls like macramé, adding tactile fabrics in the form of throw pillows and blankets, and spreading a rug on the floor.

8. Wellness At Home

“Curating your space to suit all your needs in functionality and aesthetic has never been more crucial than it is today,” says Karen Gutierrez, an interior designer from Mackenzie Collier Interiors.

“One thing I have noticed is starting to pop up more is that homeowners are wanting a space where the interior design focuses on supporting wellness for mind, body, and spirit”

Wellness at home interior design trend

One simple way to carry out this interior design trend is to incorporate greenery. In addition to helping purify the air, “plants can provide a calming aesthetic,” Gutierrez says. Positioning them for maximum impact while still allowing them to meet their sun and other needs is important, and an open, simple layout can help.

Final Thoughts

Along with high-functioning design, people want their home décor to look like the inspirational photos they scroll through on social media. We hope that these eight interior design trends for 2024, given to you by experts in the field will inspire you to update your home décor in the coming year.

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