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How to Use Virtual Staging Software to Excite and Inspire

Virtual staging is an innovative marketing approach that can help grab the attention of buyers and max out your property value.

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Virtual staging app online
Sam Applegate

We’ll take a closer look at virtual staging, its benefits, how much it costs, and what to focus on when virtually staging a home.

But first, let’s define virtual staging and learn exactly what’s involved.

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is the process of creating a realistic visualization or simulation of your home in order to increase its appeal and showcase its full potential.

Using virtual staging software, furniture can be added or removed, lighting and colors can be changed, décor updated, and even structural features like mezzanine floors, windows, and doors can be added - all through the magic of technology.

Virtual staging is used by real estate agents, interior designers, decorators, building contractors, and private homeowners to boost sales and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Does Virtual Staging Work?

Yes! Virtual staging real estate is an innovative and highly effective marketing technique that evolved from traditional home staging.

The tried-and-tested process of redecorating, decluttering, and rearranging furniture has been around for over 50 years, and for good reason - properties that are presented better sell faster and for more money.

Virtual staging is exactly the same principle, but without all that hard work.
Here are some staggering facts from the national association of realtors:

"Virtual staging can significantly assist in selling a property. When potential buyers view a property online, empty rooms can appear cold and unwelcoming. Virtual staging solves this problem by digitally furnishing these spaces, giving the property a lived-in, inviting feel.

The digitally staged images can help potential buyers visualize the space realistically and imagine themselves living there. Additionally, virtual staging is cost-effective compared to traditional staging and offers the flexibility to customize according to different buyer's tastes. In essence, virtual staging can make a property more appealing and relatable, potentially leading to quicker sales."

Michael Branson, All Reverse
circular kitchen island design

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?

Costs can vary, depending on how many images you want and whether you hire a professional designer or do it yourself.

Basic virtual staging from a professional starts from around $300 for 5 images. But this can increase to over $1000 for more advanced products like videos and virtual 3D tours.

A more affordable alternative is to do it yourself using virtual staging software.

What’s the Best DIY Virtual Staging Software?

With RoomSketcher, our virtual staging app, you can create stunning hi-res 3D images at the click of a button.

Get started for free and see for yourself just how easy it is. There are different upgrade options available depending on how many images you need. Check out our price list for more information.

What’s the Difference Between Home Staging and Virtual Staging?

Both home staging and virtual staging have the same end goal -  to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

But where home staging involves physically working on your property, virtual staging is all done using computer software.

Home staging includes tasks like cleaning, tidying, decluttering, repainting, replacing dated furniture, adding fresh flowers, and removing personal items like family photos. Basically, preparing your home for viewings.

People staging a home
Image borrowed from @FairFieldRealEstate

The same jobs are done during virtual staging, only in a virtual environment. Photo-realistic 3D images and videos can then be generated and used for showcasing your property online.

For many years, virtual staging was a highly skilled job done by professional graphic designers. But today, easy-to-use virtual staging software means that anyone can create stunning staged 3D images, for a fraction of the cost.

Interior design trends

Home staging can be time-consuming, expensive, limited, and physically demanding work. Virtual staging is faster, less expensive, and allows for unlimited design alternatives and furniture arrangements. 

And remember - you don’t have to choose one or the other. Home staging and virtual staging complement each other well and you’ll likely want to do both when selling your home.

When to Use Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging helps buyers picture themselves in your property. It’s always a good idea and will undoubtedly add value, no matter what your situation. But, it’s particularly useful for the following:

Modernize a dated design

If you’re stuck with a musty avocado kitchen from the ’70s, would-be buyers could be turned off.

Bedore and after modernize kitchen design

Rather than spend time and money replacing it (with no guarantee buyers will actually like your updates), virtual staging effectively turns a negative into an exciting opportunity. You can demonstrate what’s possible and visualize several design options to spark their interest.

Top Tip

Get three quotes from local contractors for any updates you’ve virtually staged. Include them in your sales brochure to make life easier for your buyers and bring them one step closer to realizing their dream.

Selling off-plan

A construction site complete with scaffolding and piles of rubble can look rather uninspiring. And many people see buying off-plan as a risk. After all, you can’t see the end product.

Sell off-plan with virtually staging

Virtual staging bridges the gap between reality and imagination. It helps the buyer picture themselves in the space and provides reassurance.

Visualize a commercial space

For business owners looking to buy or rent office space, multiple units in the same building often blend together into a bland mesh.

Virtually staged commercial space

Virtual staging brings these vast monochrome spaces to life, helping buyers see their full potential.

Virtual Staging Benefits

Virtual staging is usually a no-brainer for anyone wanting to sell their property. Here are just some of the benefits:

Benefits of virtual staging software

What Can Be Virtually Staged in a Home for Sale?

While anything can be virtually staged, research shows the living room, primary bedroom, kitchen, and dining room are the most important areas to showcase:

Living Room

When virtually staging your living room you should remove all personal items and present a clutter-free environment. Add neutral artwork and finish by placing plants around the room.

Living room before and after

Primary Bedroom

If you have themed or brightly colored decor, replace it with neutral white and cream tones with the click of a button. Show off storage capacity by virtually emptying closets and drawers.

Virtually stage a bedroom


With the help of a virtual staging app like RoomSketcher, you can transform your kitchen into a clean, uncluttered, and efficient space. This means cropping out all those worktop gadgets and adding attractive decor like fruit bowls and flowers.

Kitchen before and after

Dining Room

You want the buyer to imagine their own belongings in the space, so exclude any personal collections like plates or glassware from the dining room cabinets. Virtually place an appropriately sized dining table to ensure the room doesn’t appear too big or too small.

Virtually stage your dining room

Virtual Staging Before and After

Check out these striking before and after images for an idea of how powerful virtual staging can be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re still unsure about virtual staging, here are some frequently asked questions and answers on virtually staging your home.

Virtually Stage Your Home Today

Virtually staging doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can do it yourself using our virtual staging app.

RoomSketcher allows you to quickly plot your space, drag and drop furniture, play with decor, and create stunning 3D images in an instant.

You don’t need a graphic design degree either. RoomSketcher is easy to use and you’ll be up to speed in no time with our in-depth online demonstrations. You can also produce 2D and 3D floor plans and virtual tours.

Click here to get started for free or watch our demo to see just how easy it is.

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