High-Quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans From Your Matterport Scan

Matterport scan

Are you providing clients with Matterport Spaces 3D Tours and looking for high-quality floor plans to add to your marketing package? An excellent digital presence is key for today’s real estate sellers. Buyers expect virtual tours plus professional 2D and 3D floor plans that they can explore from the comfort of their own home.

Along with a Matterport scan, top agents now provide:

  • Schematic 2D floor plans, complete with measurements, colors, and labels
  • Branded 3D floor plans, showing furniture layout, customized colors and more
  • Remodel option floor plans, showing the potential with changes to walls, windows, or doors

With RoomSketcher, you can easily get all these types of floor plans, in addition to beautiful 3D images and 360 views. Best of all, RoomSketcher provides editable digital floor plans in as little as one business day. You can then customize or update them yourself, whenever an idea strikes you. This means you won’t incur extra time and costs going back and forth with a floor plan vendor!

Top RoomSketcher Tip!

RoomSketcher can even set up your account with different branded profiles so different clients get the same consistent look every time

High-Quality Floor Plans

RoomSketcher will take your Matterport Space:

Matterport scan RoomSketcher

And create a professional 2D Floor Plan:

2D floor plan

Plus a branded 3D Floor Plan:
3D Floor Plan

Ready in 1 Business Day

As a busy professional, you need floor plans fast. At RoomSketcher, we have illustrators standing by to turn your blueprint or sketch into professional floor plans in as little as one business day. One order gets you 2D Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans, plus a digital RoomSketcher project. If you want to make a change you just open the floor plan project right on your tablet or computer.

Customized Styles and Options

Customized floor plans stand out and can clearly communicate a property’s potential. With RoomSketcher, you have virtually unlimited options. Our top tips:

  • Use color to indicate room types on your 2D floor plans – how about blue for bathrooms and grey for storage rooms? At a glance, your clients can see the location of various types of rooms and anything else you choose to highlight
  • Match the floor plan colors to your branding for a consistent and pleasing marketing package
  • Add a variety of measurements to your 2D floor plans. Room sizes, total area, wall lengths. You choose the measurements that will best market your property
  • Use 3D floor plans to show the property with and without furniture – you can even help your clients visualize furniture similar to their own in the home
  • For a property that isn’t perfect but has great potential – show alternate floor plans – add windows, remove walls, show two types of flooring, change the paint color, and more

We hope this overview gives you an insight into why combining a Matterport scan together with gorgeous 2D and 3D Floor Plans from RoomSketcher enables you to provide a top-notch marketing package.

Order Now

Don’t wait – take your online sales package to the next level with professional digital floor plans. With RoomSketcher, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Create a RoomSketcher account
2. Upload a blueprint or sketch, and add a link to your Matterport scan
3. Choose options and place your order

To get a floor plan from a Matterport Scan contact our friendly customer service team for more information about the best subscription and pricing for you!

Trine Bretteville
Trine Bretteville is the EVP Sales and Marketing at RoomSketcher. She works with floor plan professionals around the globe, to help them get the most out of the software.
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