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Large Furniture Library

With RoomSketcher Pro and Team you get access to our complete product library. More furniture, more materials, more fixtures, and more finishes.

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RoomSketcher Pro More Product

More Customizable Furniture, Fixtures, and Home Decor

With RoomSketcher Pro and Team, you get exclusive access to our complete product library which includes more furniture, fixtures, appliances, and accessories to furnish your properties and design projects. All with our powerful Replace Materials feature so that you can change finish and color on the items.

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More Finishes and Materials

Get access to our complete materials library, where you’ll find loads of additional materials options for your floors, walls, and ceilings. In addition, get our full selection of kitchen finishes for appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Try marble, stone, or wood, different tiles, paneling, and so much more.

RoomSketcher Create Outdoor Rooms

More Outdoor Options too!

Lots of outdoor furniture available - everything from patio chairs and comfy lounge sofas to sunbeds, BBQs, pools and more. Plus a wide array of outdoor ground materials like grass, soil, gravel and sand. Add plants, trees and bushes to create outdoor areas, landscape designs, site plans and more.

RoomSketcher App Draw Floor Plans and Furnish

Pro and Team Users Can Set Their Own Library Selection

Don’t need thousands of furniture items? Limit your furniture library to only show your most used items. Save time by creating a shortlist of your top-used pieces and share the list with your whole team. A popular feature for our seasoned floor planners. Reach out to Customer Service for more information.

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