More Furniture & Materials

With RoomSketcher Pro you get access to our complete product library. More furniture, more materials, more fixtures and more finishes.

  • More customizable furniture, fixtures, and home decor
  • More finishes and materials
  • More options for outdoors too!

” RoomSketcher helped me understand precisely what kind of furniture to order and what kind of decoration materials, colors and patterns I should use to make everything fit naturally ”
Alex Reznor, Homeowner

More Customizable Furniture, Fixtures, and Home Decor

With RoomSketcher Pro, you get exclusive access to our complete product library which includes more furniture, fixtures, appliances, and accessories to furnish your properties and design projects. All with our powerful Replace Materials feature so that you can change finish and color on the items.


More Finishes and Materials

You also get access to our complete materials library, where you’ll find loads of additional materials options for your floors, walls, and ceilings. In addition to this, you will also get our full selection of kitchen finishes for appliances, cabinets, and countertops.


More Outdoor Options too!

You will have access to more outdoor products, materials, plants and trees to create awesome outdoor areas, landscape designs, site plans and more.


More Pro Features:

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” RoomSketcher is my favorite floor plan software – I get professional quality floor plans that can easily be personalized for my customers. ”
Kristian Bollæren, Real Estate Photographer, Norway

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