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Our RoomSketcher Pro subscription is packed with the professional features you need to create high quality floor plans and 3D home visualization. Ideal for home design, home improvement and real estate professionals.

  • Professional floor plans and stunning 3D visualizations
  • Corporate Branding, Total Area, Customized Floor Plans and more!
  • The best value for premium features and floor plan orders

” RoomSketcher has proved invaluable to my business and has really helped us to improve design and layout aspects of our projects. ”
Leon Wade, United Kingdom

Professional Floor Plans and Stunning 3D Visualization

A RoomSketcher Pro subscription includes all the features of RoomSketcher VIP, plus all the professional features to customize, personalize and brand your floor plans.

Create professional high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans quickly and easily. Draw yourself or use our Floor Plan Services for a faster turn-around. High-resolution output, printed to scale, in JPG, PNG and PDF formats – perfect for print and web!

Engage and delight your customers with state-of-the-art 3D visualization. Create stunning 3D Photos, 360 Views and Live 3D Floor Plans.

In addition to professional Floor Plan and 3D visualization features, our Pro features also includes:

Brand Your Floor Plans

Give your floor plans a professional look by adding your branding. Add your logo, incorporate your company colors and create a professional floor plan letterhead.

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Calculate Total Area

Let our Total Area feature do the hard work for you! Automatically calculate the area of your floor plan in multiple ways. Calculate total area, gross area, internal areas and more!

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Draw From a Blueprint

Do you have an existing floor plan drawing? Import it to use as a template. Upload a blueprint, sketch or image to trace over. Create your 2D and 3D Floor Plans faster!

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Add Measurements

Add room and wall measurements quickly and easily using Measurement Wizards. Add room measurements to a whole room, to individual walls, and Length x Width dimensions in metric, feet or both.

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RoomSketcher Add Measurements

Customize 2D Floor Plans

Create the 2D Floor Plan profile you want. Color-code rooms or go black and white, set your wall-top color and much more.

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RoomSketcher Custom 2D Floor Plan Profiles

Customize 3D Floor Plans

Customize your 3D Floor Plans to get the look and feel you want. With more than 20 different settings to customize, it’s easy to create your own personal floor plan profile!

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RoomSketcher Custom 3D Floor Plan Profiles

More Furniture & Materials

Get exclusive access to our complete product library. Get more furniture, fixtures, materials, appliances, and accessories to furnish your properties and design projects with.

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RoomSketcher More Furniture

Flip and Rotate Floor Plans

Flip and Rotate your floor plans at the click of a button. Easily flip your floor plan, horizontally or vertically, and rotate it 90 degrees, either clockwise, counterclockwise or a full 180 degrees.

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Flip and Rotate Floor Plans

Create Site Plans

Create site plans and landscape designs! With lots of outdoor furniture, plants, and materials to choose from it’s easy to create landscape designs, garden layouts and more.

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RoomSketcher 3D Site Plan of Landscape Design

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” I am really excited with RoomSketcher. It is the basic tool for my floorplans and renderings. ”
Konstadina, Interior Designer, Greece

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