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Kitchen Remodeling

With RoomSketcher it’s easy to plan and visualize your kitchen remodel. Try out different layouts and design ideas. Easy to create professional plans and impressive 3D visuals.

Antonella Nuredini

RoomSketcher is a great and easy-to-use tool for interior design.

Antonella Nuredini

Interior Designer, USA

Plan Your Kitchen With the RoomSketcher App

Save Time and Money With an Affordable Kitchen Planner Tool

Planning is key for any kitchen remodel project. Small or large remodels alike, RoomSketcher helps you do exactly that - plan your project so you can make educated decisions. Try all your ideas in the app and visualize them in impressive 3D. With a large furniture library, there are endless options to explore. Visualize them all, land on the best result and avoid costly mistakes. Planning with RoomSketcher will save your remodel project time and money. Best part - it’s so easy to use anyone can do it.

Easy to Try Different Layouts to Maximize Your Space

When designing a kitchen, there’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to function, but also the many design opportunities. Should you go for a peninsula or a kitchen island? Maybe there’s room for a dining area. To maximize your space and storage, planning is essential. With RoomSketcher you can try out all these ideas and more. Seeing all the options in 3D or on a floor plan is the best way to make sure you have chosen the optimal layout. Visualize your ideas in the RoomSketcher App and make good decisions with confidence.

Create a Visual Game Plan With Detailed 3D Photos

Make it easy for all your stakeholders to understand the kitchen design. Be it your partner, client or contractor. Once you have landed a design, you want to make sure the final result lives up to the plan. Create virtual 3D images that show kitchen details like the placement of fixtures, accessories and details. You no longer need to worry about the contractor misunderstanding which way the tiles should go – you have the 3D Photos that show it.

Favorite Kitchen Remodeler Features

RoomSketcher is packed with professional features developed specifically for kitchen remodel professionals. Here are some of our customers’ favorites:

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