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Looking for some interior design ideas to help you layout a room, give it a fresh new look or even to plan a home remodel? Below you’ll find some of our favorite interior design ideas. A little wallpaper, a fun accent colored wall, or some colorful accent pieces might be all you need to revamp your home.

Add a Statement Piece

Go wild, and invest in a statement furniture piece in a bold, signature color. Then add small details in this same color throughout. In the interior design below, we show a bright red sofa. We paired it with red details in the kitchen, and throughout, giving a “red thread” throughout the interior. This connects the design elements and makes it feel more together and less random.


Add a Room Divider

An open living space can have its benefits – great light and a sense of spaciousness. However, even an open living space needs a little organization to function well. Create a simple lightweight room divider with an open shelving unit. You can use high units or low units, either will create definition, without making your living space feel smaller. It will also provide great storage. Place larger storage items at the bottom of the shelving unit and lightweight objects above to keep that open feel.


Introduce an Island

A kitchen island is an excellent way to create some division between your kitchen and dining areas without closing off your kitchen. This interior design idea works great for both eat-in kitchens and kitchens that are open to a living space. You will extend your kitchen and gain extra storage and countertop space too. Extend the countertop on the room side and add some seating to make it an inviting and fun addition to your home.


Add a Splash of Color

Add some color like a pillow, some colorful towels or a rug to a room in toned down hues. This is an easy and cost-effective way to accessorize a room. Choose neutral tones like beige or grey for your main elements, like your tiles, bathroom furniture etc. Then spice things up with fun, colorful accessories. It doesn’t take a great deal to make a difference. In this room, all we’ve done is add a colorful, inexpensive rug, and it brightens up the bathroom no end.


Take Advantage of Unused Spaces

Do you have an unused space? A room with an eave or sloped ceiling can be a perfect place to add storage. In this design, we created a walk-in closet by fitting the space with open shelves and low bookcases. Use matching boxes and baskets to organize loose items and add a bench in the middle for some seating and a place to set things down.


Try a Dark Wall Color

Try a dark wall color for a bold room update. Dark walls create an intimate and inviting feeling in a room. They are great for living rooms, libraries, dining rooms and bedrooms. When you use dark color on the walls, keep the floor finish lighter. The deep blue wall color in this entry highlights the patterned tile floor, making it the focus of the room. Use this technique to show off a beautiful floor or carpet. Add a mirror and other reflective accents to bounce light and to extend the space.


Accent with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add interest in a room. However, you want to be careful how you do it – too much pattern or color can be distracting. For bold patterns, consider adding it to just one wall to energize your room without overwhelming it. In this room, we used a blue damask pattern and a matching dark wall color to tie it all together.


These interior design ideas were created with RoomSketcher. You can use this easy-to-use interior design software to plan and visualize your own interior design ideas!

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