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Professional Interior Design Software

With RoomSketcher, you get affordable interior design software so you can deliver beautiful renderings and detailed floor plans. No technical training required.

Robin Tschumper Interior Designer

“As an interior designer without a degree in architecture and interior design, I find RoomSketcher extremely helpful. I use this program to redesign home interiors for the houses we buy to update and sell. I have even been able to relocate stairways. I tried a few other similar programs, but RoomSketcher is much simpler! My husband, who has difficulty with all technological devices and software, was able to use it without much help. I highly recommend it.”

Robin Tschumper

Interior Designer, USA

Why RoomSketcher is The Best Interior Design Software

Living room design by décor interiors and more

Create Stunning 3D Renderings

RoomSketcher is your way to create beautiful 3D visuals completely by yourself. You no longer need to use complicated software or wait for others to create visuals for you.

With the click of a button, you can create stunning 3D Photos and 360 Views to visualize the interior design project. An effective way to present your ideas that is useful to your clients and the contractors.


Win More Jobs

Create impressive 3D interior design drawings paired with 2D and 3D floor plans for your sales efforts and final deliverables. Clear and professional communication helps you get more projects and exceed expectations when you present your recommendations. Share design ideas with your client and let them walk through their home in virtual live 3D. Limit design surprises and set yourself up to succeed.

Optimize Workflow Across Devices

Effective Communication Improves Your Workflow

Design is an iterative process. With RoomSketcher you have affordable and easy-to-use interior design software that simplifies the inevitable back-and-forth with your client. No need to redraw complete plans and reorder your 3D visuals - you can quickly update them yourself right in the software.

  • Move effortlessly from a floor plan to instant 3D visuals - changes to the floor plan are updated in your visuals with one click
  • As you work, easily share design ideas with your clients
  • Create a final deliverable with high-res rendering and professional layouts in 2D and 3D

How to Use RoomSketcher to Present Your Design Projects

Computer mac with RoomSketcher App

Step 1: Create a Floor Plan of the Room You Are Designing

Measure the room you are designing and then draw it up in the RoomSketcher App. Handy wall measurements make it easy to get the exact lengths. If you are doing a whole house and have the blueprint, you can send this to us and we will draw up the plan for you.

RoomSketcher App in Computer Mac

Step 2: Add Doors, Windows, and Stairs

Next, you want to add in existing doors and windows, and even stairs. Measure windows to get the correct width, and make sure to adjust the sizes in the software. Set the height above the floor for windows, and choose the correct door swing angle.

Spend a little time at this stage so you are sure you have your foundations right. This makes the design process easier when you get to the fun stuff.

RoomSketcher App Furniture Mode

Step 3: Start Furnishing and Decorating

Now that your “base room” is ready, it’s time to start designing. Add a wall color, or how about wallpaper. Add your flooring, and then start furnishing and decorating. With more than 10 000 items available, we have got you covered. Instant 3D Snapshots lets you visualize your design as you go. 

Create copies of the room and try different layouts to see what works best. Try different styles to get several design options you can present to your client.

2D and 3D bathroom floor plan

Step 4: Finalize Your Layout and Present With Floor Plans

Generate high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans at the touch of a button. Print and download to scale in metric or imperial scales and in multiple formats such as JPG, PNG, and PDF. Then create impressive 3D visuals to show your clients.

Bathroom with tiled shower and toilet

Step 5: Impress Your Clients With Beautiful 3D Renderings

Visualizing your interior design ideas in 3D couldn’t be easier. Just use the virtual camera in the software to click and generate virtual 3D Photos and 360 Views. You can even walk around your design in virtual Live 3D. Live 3D updates instantly if you make a change to your design, with no waiting or down-time. Finally, an affordable way to help your clients understand your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Favorite Interior Designer Features

The RoomSketcher App is packed with professional features developed specifically for Interior Designers. Here are some of our customers’ favorites:

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