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Looking for some office ideas to help you plan your own office? Below you’ll find some of our favorites.

Add Some Color

Color is a fantastic way to energize your office but you want to be careful how you use it. Too many colors can be distracting. Our favorite idea is to choose one main color and use it to create a focal point. Use paint or wallpaper to create an accent wall, add a fun colored piece of furniture or lighting or add some color to your cabinets.


Make It Green

Bring nature into the workplace. With office buildings and towers being surrounded by even more buildings and towers, it’s become more difficult for employees to catch a glimpse of green during their workday. In fact, viewing greenery such as trees and plants has been shown to soothe the mind and to provide a sense of well-being.

Creating an “indoor landscape” also provides additional sound absorption and it contributes to better air quality. Leafy green plants, green walls and large leafy trees are all great options for sound absorption. To find the right plants for the conditions in your workspace reach out to a professional that specializes in interior landscaping. They will help you make the right choices and to come up with a plan for the care and maintenance of your plants..


Go Traditional

With a lot of companies talking about open-office layouts, it might be right for your team to go back to a more traditional style design idea. A closed office with a couple of comfortable armchairs, and shelves with relevant literature. Doctors, psychologists, lawyers and more may prefer this type of office design.


Consider Your Office Work Functions

Office work functions can take place in a variety of ways nowadays at a desk, a comfy spot in a lounge or even remotely. Internet technology and WiFi have created a range of different ways to work. To get started, figure out what your current headcount is. Don’t forget to take into account projected growth, especially if your company is growing fast. Once you know your total headcount, you can break that down by department and team. The work needs of various teams and departments can be very different from each other. Meet with your managers, team leads and employees to get a better understanding of what their needs are.


Create Meeting Arenas

Meeting styles have evolved a great deal, but the functional need to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas is still very much a part of the modern office space. When office planning, it’s important to know the kinds of meetings that need to take place in your office. Consider your office meeting needs in a broad way. For example, do you have regular all-office meetings? Also determine your office meeting needs in a narrow way, by considering department, team and individual meeting needs. You may discover that your meeting needs for your office are fairly straightforward or you may discover that you have a range of meeting needs. Once you understand your needs, it’s easier to get ideas on how to solve them.


Revamp the Office Support Functions

Office support functions can range from reception and waiting areas, to copy and storage areas, to kitchenettes or full cantinas. Office support functions play a critical role in the effectiveness of our workdays. Yet, they are often overlooked when office planning. Avoid this common mistake, by enlisting the help of your support staff to create a comprehensive list of your office support needs.


Take a Break

Create a lounge area, or take it one step furhter, and create a break room. Office cantinas are becoming less formal and more inviting, taking a cue from the popularity of cafes and coffee shops. In addition, companies are creating designated “playrooms” or recreation rooms where employees can take a quick break to unwind between tasks and during long work days. These spaces offer games such as billiards, ping pong, chess, even a bacci court. Anything that encourages interaction and helps the mind to shift gears. Not only can breakrooms help to reduce stress, but they can also contribute to team building and employees developing stronger bonds.

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