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Office Ideas

Looking for office ideas to inspire your office design? Below you’ll find some of our favorite office design ideas created with the RoomSketcher App.

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Use Color to Reinforce Your Branding

Color is a fantastic way to energize your office design, but you want to be careful how you use it. Too many colors can be distracting. Our favorite idea is to choose one main color and use it to create a focal point. For example, if your logo has a color, use it in your office design to reinforce your brand. You can also use paint or wallpaper to create an accent wall. Add eye-catching furniture or lighting in a fun color. Play around with flooring and carpet colors to create patterns, borders, or paths to add interest in conference rooms, meeting spaces and hallways.

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Get Your Office to Go Green

One of our favorite office ideas is to get your office to “go green” by bringing nature into your workplace. With office buildings and towers being surrounded by even more buildings and towers, it’s become more difficult for employees to catch a glimpse of green during their workday. In fact, viewing greenery such as trees and plants has been shown to soothe the mind and to provide a sense of well-being.

Creating an “indoor landscape” also provides additional sound absorption and it contributes to better air quality. Leafy green plants, green walls and large leafy trees are all great options for sound absorption. To find the right plants for the conditions in your workspace, reach out to a professional that specializes in interior landscaping. They will help you make the right choices and to come up with a plan for the care and maintenance of your plants.

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Return of the Traditional Office Layout

There are a lot of office ideas out there, but how do you know which ones are right for your office? For example, lots of companies are talking about the pros and cons of open-office layouts. Many say they are noisy, hard to focus in, and decrease productivity. Others say an open-plan energizes the workspace and increases collaboration. Don’t just follow what’s on-trend, consider your company’s work style. If quiet and focus are critical, don’t be afraid to return to a more traditional closed office layout. A closed office with a couple of comfortable armchairs and bookshelves can create a comfortable workspace that feels like home too. This type of office may be preferable for professionals that work with clients daily and require privacy. Learn more about different types of office layouts.

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Reconsider the Workspace

Our office ideas about workspaces have changed a lot. Work can take place in a variety of places nowadays – at a desk, a comfy spot in a lounge, in a café, or even from home. Internet technology and WiFi have created a range of different ways for us to work. To figure out what types of workspaces are best suited for your company, start by getting a headcount. Make sure to include projected growth, especially if your company is growing fast. Once you have your headcount, break it down by department and team. The work needs of your teams and departments can be very different from each other. Meet with your managers, team leaders, and employees to get a better understanding of what their needs are and create a space that’s tailored to them. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different workspace types to create a hybrid office layout that’s just right for your company.

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Include Opportunities to Meet

Meeting styles have evolved a great deal, but the functional need to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas is still very much a part of the modern office space. When planning your office design, it’s important to know what kinds of meetings take place. First, consider your meeting needs in a general way. For example, do you have regular all-office meetings? Then, think about department, team, and individual meeting needs. Your meeting needs may be fairly straightforward, or you may discover that there’s a range of meeting styles that require different types of meeting spaces. In addition to closed-door meeting rooms, you can add seating areas for informal meetings, or bar height tables for quick touch-base meetings. Providing a variety of meeting spaces reduces the need to book a conference room and encourages more interaction and collaboration.

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Revamp Your Support Spaces

Office support spaces can range from reception and waiting areas, to copy and storage areas, to kitchenettes and cantinas. Office support functions play a critical role in the effectiveness of our workdays. Yet, they are often overlooked when office planning. Avoid this common mistake, by enlisting the help of your support staff to create a comprehensive list of your office support needs. Then have a brainstorm session to come up with creative office ideas to solve them. For example, are coats and bags cluttering up your workspace? Create an inviting coat room with lockers and a place to change shoes.

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Provide a Place to Take a Break

Improving wellness is an office idea that is taking a number of forms in the workplace now. Companies are adding lounge areas and creating break rooms to provide employees with a place to take a break between tasks and during long work days. Taking a cue from the popularity of cafes and coffee shops, office cantinas are becoming less formal and more inviting. Companies are also creating recreation spaces where employees can just unwind or play games such as billiards, ping pong or chess. Studies have shown that office break rooms help reduce stress, contribute to team building, and employees develop stronger bonds.

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