Design Your Ideal Home Office

Design Your Ideal Home Office

Written by Trine B

A well-designed, functional, and beautiful home office can make your working hours more efficient and more enjoyable.

To take the guesswork out of creating a beautiful space, pre-visualize your favorite furniture, accessories, and layouts in a virtual online room. This process allows you to get everything right before purchasing items or lifting and moving furniture and accessories around the space.

Here are some of our latest home office design ideas.

Modern Home Office

This modern home office is a useful multi-function room. It provides a beautiful place to work, and can also serve as a media room and a guest bedroom. The practical cabinet is useful to stow away office clutter, and the shelves above the desk can be used to show off photographs and mementos. Install a comfy couch for late-night TV watching or gaming, that can double-up as a practical sleeping quarter for any overnight guests.

modern home office with storage

Coastal Style

The decor of this beach-inspired office uses aqua and blue for a cool and calm vibe. We like the built-in cabinets which provide plenty of space to show off mementos, books, and photos. A casual desk provides a space to write, pay bills, or use a laptop. Baskets below the desk provide extra file storage or a quick way to remove clutter.

beach inspired coastal style home office
coastal style home office floor plan

Standing Office

A recent home office trend is working standing up, rather than sitting down. This may improve your posture and help alleviate back issues. Newer desks can easily be raised or lowered during a single work session, giving you the flexibility to sit or stand, depending on your preference at the time.

This home office places the standing desk facing away from the window so that you don’t have to look into the glare. It provides plenty of file storage, and a pinboard to place reminders or favorite inspirational quotes. Finally, the room is finished with beautiful artwork and plants.

For home office floor plan inspiration check out our Floor plan gallery!

home office with standing desk

Art Studio

Is your office more of a craft/workroom? This Arts & Crafts focused room gives you lots of possibilities. The standing table provides a great place to work on projects or wrap gifts. There are shelves show off your creative efforts. An easel offers a place to create artwork. There are plenty of cabinets to store craft supplies, wrapping paper, and more. The large window lets in lots of natural light.

art studio home office with standing desk

Family Office

This family-focused home office lets the kids work right along with you. While you pay the bills or research new recipes, the little ones can paint and draw right alongside you. This space includes a table, ideal for playing games, and a large rug – that will perhaps end up covered with toys or thousands of Lego figures :-). The surfaces on the desks and table make for an easy clean-up.

family-focused home office that lets the kids work right along with you

Get Started Today

Want to try it out yourself? Learn how you can plan your office design with RoomSketcher.

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