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Are you an energy surveyor, assessor or auditor? Create high-quality floor plans for your energy assessments with our easy-to-use floor plan app. Perfect for EPCs, DEAs and home energy audits.

  • Create 2D & 3D Floor Plans – quickly and easily
  • Get total area calculations at the click of a button
  • Draw yourself using the app or order floor plans

” RoomSketcher is so easy to use. It’s a great way to visualize and illustrate your work to clients for better understanding and accuracy. ”
Guri Havnevik, Project Manager, Havnevik AS

Enhance your energy assessments with professional floor plans

Add value and clarity to your commercial and domestic energy assessment reports with professional 2D and 3D floor plans. Whether you are an energy surveyor, assessor or auditor, floor plans enable you to provide a clear visual overview of the property layout, including the total area and orientation. Also, floor plans are useful to explain your rating and illustrate recommended adjustments, to help your customers improve their energy efficiency.

With RoomSketcher, it’s easy to create professional, high-quality floor plans that are perfect for energy assessment reports, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), and Home Energy Audits (HEAs). Draw your floor plans yourself or order floor plans from our Floor Plan Services – all you need is a sketch or blueprint.

Using the RoomSketcher App, our easy-to-use floor plan software, you can draw a floor plan in minutes on your PC, Mac or tablet. Include inside and outside measurements, and room names and sizes. Record the number of rooms, windows, doors, fireplaces, vents, and registers. Add essential property details, appliance and equipment locations, readings, and more.

Our floor plan app works across devices, and your projects are stored in the cloud so you can access them anywhere. Easily create floor plans onsite, online or offline, and then edit them back at the office. When your floor plan is ready, generate a high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plan at the click of a button to add to your report – It’s that easy!

RoomSketcher floor plans are high-resolution and can be downloaded to scale in JPG, PDF and PNG formats for print or web. Print or download them on their own, or on a professional floor plan letterhead including your company logo, details, and disclaimer.

We help hundreds of energy surveyors, assessors and auditors all over the world to create professional floor plans for their energy assessments. Get started creating your floor plans for your reports today!

: RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plan for Energy Assessments

: RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plan for Energy Assessments

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