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Add Measurements

Quickly and easily add measurements to your floor plans - wall dimensions, room dimensions, total area, and more.

Add Measurement Wizards To Your Floor Plan

Automatically Add Measurements With One Click

Our very own Measurements Wizard makes it super snappy to add dimensions of your choice. Add room and wall measurements, go for full room dimensions or single wall measurements.

RoomSketcher Professional 2D Floor Plan Measurements

Customize Your Arrows and Set Your Style

With the automatic settings, you can easily customize how your dimensions are displayed on your floor plans. Set your arrow head style, the distance from the wall, and choose your precision level. Easy to cater to your clients’ needs.

RoomSketcher Room Dimensions

Metric, Feet or How About Both

Show room dimensions in feet and inches, or meters and centimeters. Or show both units in each room! With the automatic Measurement Wizards, just click in each room and the correct measurements magically appear. Want to edit the placement? Just click and drag to move the label.

Black and White 2D Floor Plan With Total Area Measurements

Add Total Area to Your Floor Plan

With RoomSketcher, you can automatically calculate floor areas, either for the floor or the entire home. Grand total area, gross living area, exclude areas and many more options available. Either way, you get complete control of your floor areas, and what measurements to add to your floor plans.

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