Back to School Season – 3 Great Home Design Ideas for Fall

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Written by Alice G.

As the end-of-summer days get shorter and the evening air gets crisper, our thoughts turn to our return to work and back to school for our kids. It’s a great time to freshen up our workspaces — or design new ones.

Everyone in the family deserves a well-organized and comfortable space to work and create. So we have put together some great tips and ideas for setting up clever and stylish workspaces.

Here are some ideas for:

  • Home Office Ideas – Time to Get Organized
  • Kids Homework Space Ideas
  • Creating Your Home Away From Home in Your Dorm Room

1. Home Office Ideas – Time to Get Organized

These days more of us are working from home. And many companies are embracing a hybrid model where employees work partly at the office and partly from home.

Home office design ideas

Whether you have a dedicated room for your office, or you are carving out a workspace in a room that serves another purpose, here are three tips to consider as you get started:

  • Get creative where your home office will be. Some options for spaces to consider when you don’t have a room you can dedicate to your home office are a bedroom, kitchen, walk-in closet, attic, basement, and a landing at the top of the stairs.
  • There is a lot to be said for clean lines and minimalist decor if you struggle with staying productive and focused. Keep it simple to avoid distractions.
  • Before you start adding personal touches or artwork to your workspace, make sure you have the basics covered: a functional desk, a comfortable ergonomic chair, adequate storage, shelving and filing and good lighting.

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2. Kids Homework Space Ideas

For many kids homework starts in elementary school. So while homework is a fact of life, the homework stress does not have to be.


Setting up a space for kids to work where the school supplies are close at hand and distractions are minimal can go a long way toward making homework a positive experience.


Start the school year on the right note. Here are our top three tips for creating the perfect homework station:

  • By all means, involve your child in creating their space. Kids have some great ideas for their rooms and homework spaces, sometimes inspired by their imaginations or the last epic movie they saw or book they read. It just takes a balance of a young imagination and adult practicality to find the perfect middle ground.
  • Hang a large corkboard over the desk. It’s the perfect place to display artwork and important reminder messages.
  • Give an old desk a new life with a fresh coat of paint. It’s cheaper and less work than painting an entire room and can revitalize the space in the same way. Don’t forget to choose a lively color to add a visual pop to the homework space.


3. Creating Your Home Away From Home in Your Dorm Room

As autumn rolls in, the annual migration of students back to university starts. If you are a university or college student or you are sending one back to school, it’s exciting to set up your dorm room.


With a bit of creativity and planning, you can organize your dorm room and maximize the space – and ensure the favorite chair you are bringing will fit. Here are some tips for planning your small dorm room for work and sleep:

  • Consider under the bed storage. Many dorm room beds can be lifted to make room for plastic storage bins for seasonal clothes and sports equipment that you might not need every day. And if your dorm room bed does not adjust, consider the purchase of inexpensive bed risers. Who knows what else you will fit into those storage bins under your bed — maybe extra essay papers and books so your work area will look less cluttered!
  • Dorm rooms are usually furnished with desks, dressers and beds. If you are thinking of adding extra furniture, consider multi-purpose pieces. Go for the ottoman with storage, a small filing cabinet that will double as a small side table or a trunk that can double as seating or a side table.
  • Another handy dorm room hack is vertical storage. Consider over-the-door shoe and bathroom toiletry racks. Hanging wire baskets over a desk with removable command hooks is a great way to store pens, notebooks and other study supplies in your desk area.



Let’s Get Started

We hope our ideas inspire you to get started to create the perfect workspace. If you want to plan ahead, try using a floor plan software like the RoomSketcher App to sketch out your ideas. It’s easy and fun, get started today.

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