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Kids Bedroom Design With RoomSketcher

Recently we decided to move our two boys, ages 9 and 11, out of their shared bedroom and into their own rooms. RoomSketcher ended up being a key part of the whole process!

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Kids room created with the Roomsketcher App
Carolyn White

To create a kids' bedroom design we used a paid RoomSketcher subscription for:

Here’s a RoomSketcher 3D Photo of the bedroom design and one of the actual new bedrooms:

1st Room 3D Visualization and Actual Photo

Follow along as I share the many ways RoomSketcher helped me and could help you too!

Create a Furniture Layout

I started by measuring the rooms that the kids would move into, then I quickly drew up the walls and added the windows and doors using the RoomSketcher App.

I found furniture that was similar to ours in RoomSketcher and dragged it into the drawing pane. I then clicked each item and used Properties to add the actual sizes of my kid’s furniture. I showed my kids how to drag furniture into a room and off they went!

It was cool that we even found musical instruments in RoomSketcher (one of my boys is a cello player) and sports equipment (for my avid sportsman).

Make Various Room Designs

We found it handy to use the RoomSketcher Level (or Floor) feature. Once we had one furniture layout, we used New Level to create a copy of it and we were able to create several furniture placement options and easily look at each one.

Kids bedroom floor options

Which Size Rug? What Color Curtain?

Now it was my turn to have fun. I dragged several rugs into the drawing pane and used Properties to create various standard-size rugs. Then I could try out the placement and size in the room. I also dragged in various color curtains to see how they look using Snapshots and then 3D Photos. Then it was off to the store for me!

Printing a Layout for the Movers

Once we had a design for each room, I created a 2D floor plan for each. Simply click the Floor Plans button in the top-right menu. Then generate and print a 2D Floor Plan. Premium 2D Floor Plans are included with a paid RoomSketcher subscription.

2D Floor Plan For Movers

My boys enjoyed being part of the process and I was happy that the whole move went so smoothly.

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