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Beach Bathroom Style Ideas

One trend that will always make waves is the beach bathroom style. If you’re a lover of sandy beaches and a coastal lifestyle, you can give your bathroom a beach vacation feel all year.

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Beach bathroom style idea
Pooja Pillai

Capture the beach house vibe in your bathroom decor with marine-inspired accents and soothing colors. Read on for suggestions from the RoomSketcher team on how to get that perfect breezy beach style.

What Is a Beach Bathroom Style?

The next best thing to a beach vacation might be a beach style bathroom. Unleash a cool coastal design in your bathroom space using nautical elements like light beachy colors, pebbled floors, round mirrors resembling a ship’s portholes, and shiplap walls.

Don’t stop there—consider using natural materials, statement wallpaper, and bold tiles. How about pristine white for your beach bathroom? The ideas are endless.

Here are some inspiring design tips and suggestions to help bring your ocean-inspired bathroom dreams to life:

Beach Bathroom Style Color Schemes

When creating a beach-themed bathroom, choose soothing color schemes including calming blues and mint green. Bright accents like orange, yellow, coral, and lime complement the space nicely.

Beach style bathroom with mint green accent wall

Fittings or wall tiles in a dreamy mother of pearl can add a touch of sophistication to the decor without making it seem too formal. 

What’s more, bathroom decor in sun-bleached whites will give you the feeling that your space is part of a charming beach town. 

Unpacking the Allure of Warm Metals

Imagine a shimmering yellow summer's sun setting on a calm blue sea. A similar kind of detailing is added by warm metallic fixtures to your bathroom look.

Timeless brass and gold accents bring about some much-needed contrast to the bright and beachy bathroom decor.

Coastal bathroom design with warm metals

Think brass bathroom fittings and exquisite gold mirror frames, tissue holders, and even vases that create a refined coastal ambiance.

Make a Statement With Nautical Wallpaper

Just think of anything related to the ocean - surfboards and sharks, fish, seagulls, and ships - you will find a wallpaper with that coastal theme.

You need to ask yourself how playful you want the bathroom to be before plastering the walls with bold patterned wallpapers.

Beach bathroom design with fish wallpaper

If you would like to keep it more elegant, it would be advisable to only have one accent wall with statement wallpapers, while the other walls could be covered in subtle-colored tiles, shiplap, etc.

Nervous about making huge changes to your bathroom? Use a home design app like RoomSketcher to add all kinds of wallpaper and flooring details. This way, you can visualize your beach-style bathroom décor ideas before committing to them.

Choose Beach-Themed Bathroom Tiles

Whether it's your walls or flooring, you could mix and match different kinds of beach-style bathroom tiles. Consider subway tiles in whites and blues for the walls in the shower and boldly painted tiles in ocean hues as a backsplash. 

Your nautical bathroom could also have unique tile options, such as fish scale shape, pebbled tile, and mosaic that can break the monotony.

Blue subway tiles in beach style bathroom

Details That Belong in a Beach Style Bathroom

Your coastal bathroom should have large glass windows, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, or a glass sunroof that lets in a lot of sunlight, without compromising on your privacy.

Beach-style bathroom decor should include the likes of antique nautical lamps, trough sinks, rope mirrors, and vintage steamer trunks that can really make the theme pop in the beach bathroom style. 

You can also incorporate seashell, driftwood, vintage anchors and oars, or starfish into your decor as wall art. Meanwhile, the strong green color of tropical plants like palm and fiddle leaf figs brings out the natural beauty of coastal life. 

Beach bathroom interior with shiplap

Other must-haves are fringed or striped towels, woven pendants, baskets, and straw hampers. Finally, bamboo or sand-colored window shades and shutters augment the beach bathroom style theme, without being over the top.

RoomSketcher Top Tip

Include a vintage blue vanity into your beach-style bathroom design. This decor item is sure to become the bold focal point in your bathroom.

How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Beachy?

Most of us think of the beach when we imagine a peaceful, relaxing getaway. If you wish to bring this feeling into your bathroom space, we would recommend implementing natural textures and accents, rattan, pebbles, and weathered wood details.

Crisp whites and ocean blues are favorite shades within this trend, combined with gorgeous golden metals. All these elements beautifully synergize to reflect the natural ambiance of island life. 

Want to see how your bathroom looks with a beach bathroom style? You can easily experiment with flooring, accessories, furniture, and layout using the RoomSketcher App.

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