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12 Beautifully Designed Rooms With Blue Accent Walls

To add a unique twist to your favorite room, why not consider painting a blue accent wall? The color blue represents the sea and sky in our imaginations. We also associate it with freedom, open spaces, and tranquility. We think opting for a shade of blue is an excellent choice for an accent wall.

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Nautical bathroom with blue accent wall
Sam Applegate

An accent wall is a popular decorating trend and can make any room in your home stand out. Painting a blue accent wall is inexpensive, and you can even do it yourself over a weekend. But if you’re not sure where to start, continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

We’ve put together a list of stunning examples to help inspire you and set you in the right direction for creating your perfect design. But first, let’s look at the benefits of adding an accent wall to your room.

Try These Ideas in Your Bathroom

There are several great reasons to add an accent wall to your room:

Which Wall Should Be The Accent Wall?

Almost any wall in a room can be an accent wall—even a wall with a window. Stand in the room or in the entranceway and choose a wall that you would like to be a focal point. Perhaps it is a wall behind the sofa, a headboard, or even a freestanding tub. Our suggestions below will help you decide which wall to make your accent wall.

Blue Accent Wall Inspiration

You’ll need to consider what feeling you want to achieve before you get creative. . Darker shades of blue make a bold statement and work great as accent walls. Lighter, more subtle tones also look fabulous and brighten up any neutral environment.

Here’s our full selection of blue accent walls to give you some ideas:

1. Sea blue bathroom theme

This sea blue accent wall is perfectly placed at the back of the room to emphasize the freestanding tub. It makes the whole area look bigger, and the addition of color-coordinated towels and mats bring the room together.

Coastal bathroom with sea-blue tiles

When planning your bathroom, use this shade of blue for an on-trend feel that evokes relaxation, vacation, and days at the shore.

2. Subtle shades in a large bedroom

This subtle cloud blue accent wall breaks up a bright white bedroom and adds a feeling of warmth and comfort. The bedsheets and artwork continue the blue theme and add pops of color.

Bedroom with subtle blue shades

3. Adding depth to a small bedroom

Using an accent wall in a small room or guest bedroom can make it feel bigger and less cluttered. Note how the large artwork hanging on the accent wall is black and white and maintains the decor’s neutral theme.

Bedroom with blue accent wall

4. Patterns and murals work too

Get creative with your blue accent wall and use wallpaper or a mural to add some excitement. This blue cloud mural pairs perfectly with the blue patterned rug and together the result is chic and sophisticated.

Blue and white striped wallpaper patterned wall

5. Make a study or home office cozier

A blue accent wall can make your work environment look professional and feel more comfortable. These days—when we are spending more time than ever in our home workspaces—we want the room to be warm and inviting.

Office built-in-desk blue wall

6. Blue accent wall behind the TV

Painting the wall behind your TV is usually an excellent decorating idea. Dark colors can help the TV blend into its surroundings to create a seamless, more relaxed environment. This example color matches the sofa to establish a consistent blue theme throughout the room.

Living room idea with dark blue accent wall

7. Off-center living room design

Alternatively, you can ignore the TV and choose another surface for your accent wall. Notice how this layout puts less emphasis on the TV and more on creating an area for relaxing or socializing with friends. And don’t be afraid of choosing a wall with a window for your accent wall.

Living room with blue accent wall

8. Corner accent wall

For a unique twist on the accent wall, try a corner accent wall instead. You can create a cozy reading nook by placing a rug and a comfy chair against the wall.

Room with blue accent corner wall

9. Stand-out chimney breasts

Here’s a great example of how accent walls work perfectly with a fireplace. The chimney breast is the part of the wall that extends out into the room and covers the chimney. Making this your accent wall will add even more emphasis on the beautiful mantelpiece:

Living room design with blue accent wall

10. Highlight staircases

This blue accent wall and the vertical shiplap paneling add texture and depth to the staircase. The landing area also features blue decorative items and artwork to add a pop of blue and keep a consistent color scheme.

Staircase with blue accent wall

11. Brighten up your dining room

By placing a large circular mirror on a sky blue accent wall you can make the room feel bright and open. This dining room gives you the sense that you’re eating in a wide-open space.

Dining room with blue accent walls

12. Horizontal accent walls

By painting the lower half of an accent wall you can create a feeling of extra width in your room. This bedroom blends together solid wood furniture with a white and blue color scheme for a clean minimal look.

Half horizontal blue accent wall in bedroom

Try These Ideas For Yourself

We hope we’ve inspired you to create your very own accent wall. It is a great decor trick to refresh and liven up any room in your home. For more home design inspiration, check out our home design gallery.

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