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10 Tips to Master an Eclectic Bathroom Style

If you consider yourself a bold and imaginative person, you may find that an eclectic bathroom style responds to your creative nature. It’s funky, fun, and filled with visual appeal. You will love it.

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Eclectic bathroom style dark walls
Sam Applegate

To achieve an eclectic bathroom style you should have an informal mix of elements and draw from a wide variety of decor styles. It combines bright colors and patterns and mixes in the unexpected.

But how do you artfully create something beautiful with contrasting elements? How do you achieve something visually audacious yet well thought-out and intentional?

Creating an eclectic style means you’ll be walking a fine line between perfectly balanced harmony and visual chaos.

Read our following tips, ideas, and guidance to master that eclectic style.

What Is an Eclectic Bathroom Style?

An eclectic bathroom style blends various styles, all bound by clever use of colors, textures, and materials. So, despite seemingly contrasting and clashing elements, the environment feels bold yet perfectly balanced, where everything has its place.

Here are some elements to consider when attempting an eclectic bathroom design:

Why Choose an Eclectic Bathroom Style?

Eclectic design is bold, brave, challenging, but most of all, fun! What could be more appealing than having the full artistic license to do whatever you want? This freedom is undeniably attractive, especially for those who are dreamers and creatives.

You don’t have to follow trends or rules, and you can be completely original ­— personalizing your space with endless possibilities.

Eclectic bathroom style with pedestal sinks

There’s also an incredible amount of satisfaction to be had by solving the puzzle. How will you combine new and old? The whimsical with the practical? Or mix treasures from your travels with vintage finds?

How to Create an Eclectic Bathroom Style

Here are some top tips for achieving a perfectly balanced eclectic bathroom style:

1. Use Tiles Creatively

Bathroom tiles provide you with a great opportunity to be adventurous and try something you wouldn’t usually do in the rest of your home.

Experiment to see how traditional designs work with more contemporary features. And not just with floor tiles either, wall tiles and backsplashes also give you a chance to express yourself.

Creative tile design eclectic  bathroom

2. Choose Vibrant Colors

Think about how you can use strong, vibrant colors throughout your bathroom. Balance the bold tones against a backdrop of more neutral monochrome shades to restore some level of control.

In the image below, the floor is bright and funky. That is the hallmark of the eclectic style. But, it also uses simple white walls to ensure the room doesn’t go too far.

Eclectic bathroom style with vibrant colors

3. Include Plenty of Accessories

From framed pictures and rubber ducks to wall-mounted record covers, you have endless accessorizing potential. Just remember to include some complementary elements to tie it all together.

Eclectic bathroom style accessories

4. Experiment With Different Materials

Rather than sticking with boring materials like glass and ceramic, throw in some surprises. Mixing vintage with contemporary is the cornerstone of eclectic design.

How about an antique dresser with an old painting placed on top?

5. Mix and Match Textures

Play around with the senses using different textures and fabrics. Think soft, hard, sharp, smooth, rough, furry, rigid, and elastic.

This eclectic bathroom features an ornamental rug, a purple side table, and a colorfully padded chair to give a sense of both fun and comfort.

Eclectic textures and materials in bathroom

6. Combine Different Patterns

Use a range of different patterns to provide depth to your eclectic bathroom style. Tie them together with similar shades or stick to black and white to avoid creating an overwhelming atmosphere.

This decor works well as it combines different patterns using similar shades of blue. A green plant also contains a pattern of its own but remains complementary in terms of color.

Eclectic bathroom materials

7. Play Around With Lighting

Grand chandeliers provide a distinctively vintage or elegant feel and are a staple of eclectic design. You can also experiment with different types of lights, for example, soft lighting to set the mood or spotlights to highlight key features and focus on a centerpiece.

This design uses a chandelier hanging above the bathtub to draw attention to and highlight a beautiful bathroom fixture.

Freestanding bathtub with chandelier eclectic style

8. Throw Down a Rug

A rug can go a long way in defining the overall look and feel of your eclectic design. Colorful patterns, abstract designs, or bold florals are popular. But whatever you choose, make sure it works harmoniously with your floor tiles.

Eclectic bathroom style with purple rug

At first glance, this rug might seem brash. However, in the context of this bathroom, it works beautifully. The designer has matched the tones to the hanging artwork and used monochrome throughout the rest of the space.

9. Try Alternative Fixtures and Fittings

The toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink will make up your main bathroom fittings. If you’re going for an eclectic design, there’re no rules that say they have to match. In fact, think about how you can mix different styles and eras together.

In this example, we have a bathtub covered in mirrors, a black toilet seat cover, and a traditional large double sink with traditional gold faucets. The tiles and walls bring everything together.

Black and white eclectic bathroom

10. Add Plants and Natural Elements

Plants can bring an organic element to your room. They don’t have perfect corners or neat designs, rather they sprout and hang randomly. Opt for large-leafed plants to make a big statement. Or, try a simple wildflower arrangement in an old vintage vase for just a taste of nature.

This design shows how white walls can emphasize natural elements and make plants stand out even more.

Eclectic bathroom style with plants

Create Some Organized Chaos

When designing your eclectic bathroom, remember that above all else, have fun. It’s your chance to express your personality and creativity. The result should be a bathroom you will love.

Keep in mind your overarching ideas and how you’re going to tie all the elements together.

We recommend you start by planning your bathroom using an online bathroom planner. That way you can try out different ideas to see what works and what doesn't.  Get started for free, and upgrade to get the complete bathroom furniture selection. 

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